Staycation Files : Quest Hotel Tagaytay

 "Mommy, Daddy can we go (to the) hotel?"

Since the start of the year, this has been the favorite statement of the twins and they would really make it a point to bring it up every so often. Well, what can I say? They love going on staycations and staying at hotels just as much as Paul and I do. As they say, the apple does not fall far from the tree


One of the reasons why they have also been asking was because they had such a fun time during our recent hotel stay last December at Quest Hotel in Tagaytay. This was after a day trip to cousin M's farm in Batangas and since we didn't want to tire ourselves out with the long drive, we decided to stay the night in Tagaytay which is a halfway mark from Batangas to Manila (well..kind of). It was during the holiday rush so we couldn't go around that much as it seems like everyone decided to head to Tagaytay as well and the main roads were so packed with cars so we decided to stay and enjoy the hotel to the fullest. The twins loved that particular stay so much that J cried when it was time to check out and head home. He only stopped crying when we promised him that we will be back soon. Sadly, the cases spiked in January forcing us to cancel our follow up trip and to stay home. 

Imagine their joy when Paul and I told them that we're heading back to Tagaytay and we will be staying in the same hotel and this time, we will be able to visit more places. This got them so excited that they were up at 7am, they've asked to have their breakfast, washed up and got dress and by 9am, they were literally bugging Paul and I to hit the road. If only we can get them (especially L) to wake up this early and enthusiastically during school days then we wouldn't be rushing to prepare for their e-class every single day. Hay, kids talaga. 

We got to Tagaytay just in time for early lunch and while we still had time before checking in, we decided to dine at Farmer's Table, which was a 5 min drive from the hotel. I was so excited about this as I've been wanting to dine here since our first visit in December. Anyway, let me tell you more about i, in my succeeding blog entry. 


Let's skip our lunch story for now and I'll tell you about our hotel stay at Quest Hotel. I discovered Quest Hotel while searching for a place to stay during our December trip. While Paul and I are not strangers to Tagaytay, it has indeed been a while since we've been there. My last trip was in 2017, this was when I was still pregnant with my twins. Indeed, a lot has happened in 4 hours and that means new hotels and mini resorts have been built, some closed down, a lot of new restaurants opened thus giving us more options too. 

I can be a very meticulous traveller as cleanliness is really really a top priority for me most especially now that the virus is still present. So, while doing my research, there are 3 main reasons why I went for Quest Hotel:


First -- It has a really good location. It's right at the corner of two main roads (Aguinaldo Highway and the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway) where you can find countless food establishments and must-visit places such as Gourmet Farms, Ilog Maria Bee Farm, all the restaurants overlooking the Taal Volcano and my mom's favorite, the Pink Sister's convent. Not only that, it's right across Fora Mall and is just a stone's throw away from Ayala Serin. In other words, ilang tumbling lang, may two malls na! I don't think there's any other hotels in Tagaytay that can boast of such a prime location. 

Secondly -- It's reasonably priced. I couldn't believe my eyes that their Deluxe Room starts at Php. 4,000 + (with tax) and their 1-Bedroom Suite goes just a little beyond Php. 6,500 which is rare considering the size of the room, the impressive hygiene standards and the modern and new room amenities. I really love comfy and clean hotel rooms. I really am not a fan of ones that look like they've truly gone through the test of times. After all, I'm travelling with my twins so I really have to make sure that the cleanliness and comfort levels are top notch.  Our little bosses demands such high standards. :) 

Lastly -- It's owned and managed by Filinvest and Chroma Hospitality. They also run Crimson Hotels and Resorts among many other properties so you are assured that you will be well taken cared of. 


Checking in at Quest Hotel was a breeze. Just be ready with your complete vaccination card and for non-vaccinated guests 7 years old and above, I believe, a negative antigen test is required. Soon, we were given our keys, we took the lift up to the 10th floor, which was the hotel's highest floor, to head to our room. I love our 1-bedroom suite! We had Ate L with us with us and I'm so happy that she got her own comfy sofa bed in the living area. The will also give her some privacy at night. The living area lesds to the balcony where you can see the Taal Lake from a distance. It also has its own TV and air condition unit so Ate L can control the temperature to her liking at night. 


Heading to our bedroom, we got a king size bed and sadly, it was a bit too small for the 4 of us given that the twins can really move a lot while sleeping. Nonetheless, the bed was soooo comfortable that the four of us slept soundly after a busy day in Tagaytay. If given a choice though, we should have requested for an extra bed to give us more space. Ideally, the room fits 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids. 


The bathroom was the twins' favorite spot! They squealed loudly when they saw the bath tub and begged us to allow them to go "swimming". We still had to head out after checking in but we promised them that they can do so after dinner. I love the spacious bathroom with a separate shower area, the tub and a toilet with bidet. Hooray for hotels now installing bidets as a norm! 


Since we were invited to attend Quest Hotel's Live Love Local launch that weekend, we also got a basket of Tagaytay goodies prepared for us. So thoughtful! I was happy to receive a box of Gourmet Cafe drip-on coffee, kalamay (rice cake with coconut milk and brown sugar), spicy tamarind and two special masks which are not only biodegradable but you can plant it into the soil and it will grow into Chinese cabbage (petchay) too!  


The hotel has one in-house food establishment called Cafe Q. On our first visit, the cafe was closed for dine-in guests so we opted to order room service for our breakfast. During our recent visit, guests can now head to the cafe for breakfast but you have to order your plated breakfast from the menu. I still think it's better this way as having it buffet-style can still be quite risky. 

We love their breakfast options! The twins enjoyed their fluffy pancakes while Paul and I shared our Filipino breakfast and Country-style breakfast plates since I wanted the Chicken Sausage and he prefers the pork tocino. Here's a secret, they make one of the yummiest scrambled eggs so make sure to order this whenever you can. The servers are very attentive and I love how quick they were to respond to any requests. 

The hotel also has a pool but we were enjoying Tagaytay's chilly/windy weather so sadly, I didn't let the twins swim as the water was too cold for them. Anyway, they loved the tub so much so we didn't get any violent reaction there. 


Wow, it's been a while since we've gone on a break and while it was just for one night, we all had a great time. Cleanliness was really one thing that I have to commend the hotel for as staying at Quest Hotel made us feel safe. The hotel staff have also been very friendly and helpful during both stays which is why it was easy to feel so much at home. While the hotel may not directly overlook the scenic Taal Volcano, it's the perfect place to stay if you're looking for relaxation and the ability to spend some quality time with the family. Not to mention, the accessibility to move around and to go food tripping or farm hopping. 

Got any questions about Quest Hotel Tagaytay for me? Leave a comment below or follow me on social media (@frannywanny)! Let's chat!

** full disclosure: we paid for our stay during the 1st visit and was hosted by Quest Hotel Tagaytay on our 2nd visit as this was part of their #LiveLoveLocal launch event where we were all invited to be a part of. 

Quest Hotel Tagaytay is located behind Fora Lifestyle Mall and Ayala Serin Mall, Diversion Road, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite. Click here to visit their official website and to check out their room availability.

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