Authentically Filipino at Tatatito in Legazpi Village, Makati

With a number of restaurants offering fusion cuisine or those that aims to inject more creativity into their dishes, rarely do we get to find one nowadays that offers dishes that stay as true and authentic as possible to the original version. After a tearful check out from Somerset Millennium Makati, we decided to still stay in the area for lunch and that's how we got to discover Tatatito. 

You may wonder why were there tears upon checking out. Well, the twins enjoyed their overnight staycation at Somerset Millennium Makati so much that they refused to check out and bid the hotel goodbye. We then had to lure them that we're not heading home yet and we will be checking a new restaurant out in the area instead. That somehow stopped the tears from falling. Oh my staycation-loving babies. 

tatatito 05

Tatatito was just located a stone's throw away from the hotel. Since we went to dine on a Monday, parking was a bit challenging since the streets were all lined with cars parked by those working in Legazpi Village. It was just too warm to walk else we could have easily just walked from the hotel instead. 

Anyway, the restaurant is right beside Gringo -- its sister restaurant, we later found out. I truly love the interiors of the restaurant. It has a very modern vibe and was well lit with tall glass windows and a split-level dining area. We were seated closest to the counter so it was easy for us to call the attention of our server. The perks of having kids in tow! 

Here are some of the dishes that we were able to try that day: 

tatatito 03

Tatatito Crispy Grilled Sisig (Php. 310) -- while ordering, I remembered seeing Tatatito on the feed of our foodie friend Spanky so I quickly sent him a message to ask what we should order. He replied back to say "sisig!" Just one word and we obviously obliged. I would normally hesitate and would get a bit nervous in ordering sisig as this is one of Paul's favorite dishes and having strong Kapampangan roots, his standards for good sisig is so high up there that normally the ones I'd order for him here in Manila barely made it enough to impress him. Well, from one Kapampangan to another, Spanky's recommendation was indeed very good! Paul liked it while I loveeed it! I love the mix of texture from the soft and chewy pig's ears to the crunchy chicharon-like bits. It wasn't overly greasy or salty too so even Mommy said it was pretty good. 

tatatito 02

Adobong Baby Pusit (Php. 385) -- This was the highlight of our lunch though. I love squid and the way Tatatito prepared this made it so addicting and would really entice you to have more rice. I love the roasted garlic which I enjoyed mashing onto my garlic rice making it even more garlicky and umami. Even J loved it too and I'm glad as my little boy is allergic to almost all seafood except for fish and squid so I'm happy to see him enjoy this that he asked for more garlic rice as well. That's my boy! 

tatatito 01

Gising Gising Sigarilyas (Php. 365) -- How I wish my sister is in town and she can enjoy this dish with us. She loves vegetables with coconut milk and this will surely wow her. Crunchy sigarilyas cooked in rich coconut milk and sili thus giving it that perfect balance of creaminess with a spicy kick. 

tatatito 04

Crab Palabok (Php. 435) -- I know I shouldn't have ordered this since we got a huge bowl of garlic rice already on the table but I couldn't help it and Paul was shooting daggers at me since we're trying to cut our carbs intake. However, one taste of this crab palabok and I knew that he has forgiven me. It was so yummy! The crunchy noodles, the rich crab sauce with egg and chicharon bits. It's your elevated version of the classic palabok and one that you just have to order at Tatatito too! It's worth going over your carb intake just for one day. I'm definitely ordering this again.

Tatatito Fried Chicken (Php. 430/half chicken)  -- for my kids who loves chicken and rice, we got them the Tatatito Fried Chicken which they enjoyed. It's your traditional Pinoy fried chicken that goes so well with ketchup and rice. For me, it's a bit on the dry side though but the leg part was flavorful enough for the kids to enjoy. I will try the Chicken Inasal next time, maybe that would be more tender. 

I was also told by our server that they have very good Bamboo Rice but since we went for the garlic rice on this visit, I have made a mental note to try that next time instead. Tatatito is definitely a good place to go if you want to have authentic Filipino food. The dishes come in two sizes -- regular and sharing so this makes it really flexible depending on the size of your group. How I wish Tatatito would open a branch in our neighborhood as we're in dire need of more good Filipino restaurants in the metro. 

Check out Tatatito at OPL Building, 100 Don Carlos Palanca, Legazpi Village, Makati. Call them at 8809-8055 for reservations. 

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