The Suite Life of the #AngTwins : Somerset Millennium Makati

 "When are we going to the hotel?"

This is a common statement heard from our two little kulits here at home. At such a young age, they sure love going on staycations and well I don't blame them. A quick weekend R&R is one that we all need once in a while, right? A month ago, we celebrated Labor Day at Somerset Millennium Makati. It was perfect that we decided to check in on a Sunday so we were able to check out the Legazpi Sunday Market and were reunited with some of our favorite market finds. 

The hotel is located along Aguirre street which is part of Makati's busy business district during weekdays. Weekends, you get a different way chill vibe that I love. I grew up walking around this area as my parents' office was just around the corner and a lot of things have changed since then. I love that some restaurants allow al fresco dining during the weekends making it the perfect place to hang out, having a drink or two and enjoy a good catch up with friends and family. 

somerset 04

We got a 2 bedroom suite this time and I love how spacious the room was! The first thing that greeted me upon entering the suite was a nice living area with a comfy looking couch. They were so thoughtful to even leave some board games on the table for us to play with. 

somerset 06

Since this is a full-functioning business suite, they also have a dining area which can fit 4-6 pax. This is perfect for small families like us. We made use of this area for lunch as we decided to just order from the Legazpi Sunday Market and we brought all our food finds back to the hotel. This made the twins so comfy as they enjoyed their gyoza and chicken rice while Paul and I devoured our Kofta Sandwich and Paella respectively. It was so warm outside so we gave ourselves a pat at the back for making the decision to just dine in the room and enjoy the air-conditioning. 

somerset 02

I love that the suite also has a small kitchen complete with plates, glass and utensils. It has an induction cooker, a kettle, a microwave oven so you can even prepare a simple meal should you decide to stay longer. Since we were there to just stay overnight, we truly appreciated the refrigerator as we had some leftovers from lunch that day. 

somerset 07

Check out our rooms! We're teaching our twins to learn how to sleep independently and going on staycations has made this possible quite easily. They love having their own room which they call the "kid's room" and the folks of Somerset Millennium Makati were so thoughtful to even leave a teddy bear each on their beds. They even have some art kit too! They really went the extra mile to make their little guests feel right at home. This is definitely a perfect hotel for families with little kids as they will surely love the surprise that awaits them...but that's not all! 

As for the master's bedroom, I love the very spacious bed and bathroom. Our suite has 2 bathrooms with a tub each and they even have bath bombs for you to use and enjoy too. I really love the little details found in our suite as it really adds up to making it such a very relaxing staycation. 

somerset 03

We've been to several hotels in and out of the metro but one thing that makes a staycation extra memorable are the tiniest details that one can find during a stay. It shows the amount of effort that the hotel has put in to make it worth your while and for this particular stay at Somerset Millennium Makati, they really pulled out all the stops to make it one of the most relaxing and enjoyable staycation not only for the #AngTwins but for the four of us. From the printed map highlighting the restaurants found around the hotel, the snack bag filled with some of our favorite chips and cookies, the fruit basket, the bath bombs, the teddy bear and art kits and the board games, it really made it perfect for us to enjoy this staycation to the fullest. 

somerset 01

Of course, what's a hotel stay without checking the pool? We got the whole pool to ourselves where we found the perfect opportunity to let the twins practice swimming. The swimming attendant even opened the mini bubble pool which frightened them a bit at the beginning but soon they were playing and laughing for more than an hour. There was also a billiard table adjacent to the pool area which made Paul very happy. 

somerset 05

Sometimes, we do not need to drive far to seek relaxation. Just a weekend stay like what we did at Somerset Millennium Makati was enough for us to unwind, spend that much needed quality time with one another and to feel refreshed once again. 

They also have an in-house restaurant called Abuela's which I'll tell you more about in my next entry. It's one of Makati hidden food spots that's worth visiting! 

Check out Somerset Millennium Makati at 104 Aguirre street, Legazpi Village, Makati City. Click here to make a reservation. 

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