Who's Frannywanny?

Hi I’m Fran and I’m the girl behind Frannywanny.com. This blog is all about my two loves – food and travel.

From this blog, you can expect to read about my latest restaurant discoveries, the coolest (and yummiest) grocery picks, a number of sweet and savory treats from start-up food entrepreneurs and home bakers and a comprehensive travel guide such as tips on how to get around the city, what are the must-see places, a couple of shopping guide, the restaurants that you can try and of course, a review on the hotels and resorts that I have personally stayed in during my trips.

Since I've recently relocated to the Lion City, you can now expect to read a good mix of food and travel reviews from my two homes -- Manila and Singapore.

While some may eat to live, I am definitely the type of gal who lives to eat! For me, eating is always a happy experience. We eat to celebrate a milestone, we eat to nourish ourselves, we eat to find comfort and lastly, we eat to excite our palates to new flavors. Together with my husband Paul, this blog chronicles our food and travel adventures here and abroad.

Welcome to Frannywanny.com and I hope you’ll join me in my fun and exciting roller coaster ride called LIFE!

8 Fun Facts about ME: 

1) I'm left-handed and I'm proud of it!
2) I started talking when I was 6 months old and as you may have figured, I never stopped since.
3) I'm deathly scared of birds, lizards and horror movies.
4) While I love to eat, I just can't stand green peas and I don't eat corn, frogs (or any other exotic animals for that matter) and anything with whipped cream too.
5) It was in the summer of 1990 when I first fell in love with Singapore and I dreamt to live here. That dream became a reality in 2013.
6) Back in college, I really wanted to become a magazine editor (besides being an entrepreneur housewife).
7) I collect Starbucks City Mugs.
8) I love to dance!


  1. Hi i wanted to go to korea also, if ever this will be my first flight outside the country. Hope you could help me/ advise of what to do. Thanks!

  2. I have ornitophobia, too! People don't understand why I'm so deathly scared of birds and it's hard to explain. There's just something......vile about them that totally repulses me. I know you understand. :)

  3. Hello, blog walking here, if having time to visit me back, will pleasure. Nice to read this

  4. Good evening, may I have your contact number? :) I just want to ask some questions about your blog, for our magazine. :)

    1. Hi Charmae! You may email me at frannywannyblogs@gmail.com :)

  5. Hi Miss Fran. I read in your past post that you renewed your passport even when it still has 2 years before its expiration. May additional requirements po ba pag ganon? Or the same requirements pa din po? I still have more than one year pa kasi.thanks

    1. Hi there! If I remember correctly, no additional requirements naman. I just opted to do it coz I was about to migrate to Singapore then and Paul and I wanted to have the same passport expiry e since my original passport expires a year after his, I went ahead and renewed mine na :)


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