"thank God"

I've lost count of the million times I'd utter this expression. Normally it would be when a holiday has been declared meaning there wouldnt be classes or work the next day, or when there's a sale and i was able to score some pretty clothes for a very good price or for other reasons that i barely remember.

Today, I uttered this expression a couple of times again but for a more deeper reason.

Today started out just like any other day. I woke up feeling more aches and pains on my muscles after 3 days of roadshow. My head still feels woozy but i had to force myself to wake up to make it to the office on time. After deciding that I will get a good massage tomorrow, I got up, took a quick shower, wore my red shirt and ran down to leave for work.

After all, today will be the last day of the roadshow. The last day I would have to make 300 taster cups of beverages. It will also be the final day when I have to present my upcoming projects (although this part is fun!) to our excited partners.

The first session went by quickly, after a quick lunch, there i was at our pantry preparing the drinks.

Then it happened.

I got a text from our new partner, Zarah, who went out to complete her requirements asking me to check what was up with Glorietta because there were a lot of cops in area and she cant seem to get out. After her text, messages came in from my uncle and cousin informing me that a bomb went off at Glorietta and knowing that friday is normally my store visit day, they immediately advised me to stay away from that area.

I casually mentioned it to my sampling group as we continued to prepare the drinks. Then another message came in, this time from my sister.

Pan informed me that Papa was just around the area where the explosion happened and she asked me to check where he is already. I immediately called Papa up and thank God he told me that he is at SM having lunch. I told him that it's best to leave the area as soon as possible because another bomb might just go off. He told me he will after Mommy's done.

So I texted Mommy telling her the news. Apparently, Mommy was also at Glorietta looking for the Baby Couture stall as she was supposed to buy a bag for her god daughter. Thank God for Mommy's bad sense of direction, she somehow got lost and went the other way from where the stall was. (note: the Baby Couture is located at Glorietta 2 together with the other baby/kiddie shops at the 2nd floor). Then she heard a loud bang and felt the vibration. Thinking it must be an earthquake she entered Abensons and asked the salesman if she can stay there for safety. What scared her was when she saw a lot of people rushing out from the mall, some were hysterical, some were crying... then she heard some screaming "may bomba may bomba!" (there's a bomb! there's a bomb!).

Till now, I can still feel chills running up and down my spine. I'm so thankful that both my parents are safe. True enough,God is really good.

I was taught never to say "hate" but....

I hate the person who did this. I'm so pissed that one stupid act has brought a lot of misery (and trauma) to hundreds of people who just happen to be there at the wrong place at definitely the wrong time. It breaks my heart to see a lot of innocent people (and children) injured and killed. I'm sorry but I truly wish that person goes straight to hell... x(

photo credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lifepaused/

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