Racks is finally BACK!!

Allow me to take a short trip down memory lane:
Around 10 years ago, my family would wake up extra early on a Sunday morning to have breakfast at Racks Tomas Morato. We would have our fill of their Pinoy breakfast meals with the accompaniment of Racks' signature BBQ sauce. It was also at Racks where my sister and I first fell in love with Baby Back Ribs. This, complete with Baked Potato and Baked Beans! As kids then, it was the best treat after a long week at school.

Ten whole years went by so fast, there were more establishments that opened besting each other out with their ribs, grilled chicken and whatnots. Our taste have further developed to enjoy the finer things in life knowing the difference between fine vs. fun dining. We find joy in Spiral's creative buffet and get nostalgic when dining at Dulcinea, Alex III, Sugi or Kimpura. We realized that, after watching Super Size Me, fast foods shouldn't be our regular staple and veered towards restaurants that offers healthy alternatives.

Racks slowly faded away.

With more branches that began to sprout everywhere, the quality of their dishes slowly suffered eventually hurting their business. After a couple of years, more branches closed down. Our well-loved branch at Tomas Morato also said its last goodbye.

Then it's back!!

Learning that a new corporation has taken over the Racks franchise, we were happy with news knowing that our well-loved baby back ribs with the yummiest BBQ sauce will be back! Not knowing, though, that one branch will be so close to home.

Yesterday, Paul and I celebrated our 4th anniversary at Racks Greenhills. Even before opening the menu, we both knew what we wanted to get and prayed that it will be just as good as before. Talking about the menu, I've noticed that their selection was shorter. I remember that they used to have chicken fingers and baked potato with sour cream. Where are they now? Perhaps, the new management would like to focus on their specialty before adding more selections to the list. Pretty good tactic, i guess.

Our orders came and after a couple of photo ops, we quickly dug in. The Baby Back Ribs was so tender and lean. No traces of fat which was very very gooood. Of course we enjoyed the sauce which tastes just the way that it was before. The meal was accompanied with rice and our choice of sidings. We got the baked beans which was soooo good and the coleslaw which could have been better with less cream/mayonnaise.

It was a very filling meal that we enjoyed so much. I'm glad that Racks is finally back and I hope that it's here to stay. Ü

the Verdict:
5 twinkling stars for the quality of the food
5 twinkling stars for the homey ambiance
5 twinkling stars for a very good service

over-all verdict: 5 twinkly, burping stars!!

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