dear santa....

Two decades ago, I was 5 and then I believed in the jolly old man who rides in a sleigh and who delivers gifts to all good boys and girls at the stroke of midnight. Blame our wild imagination in believing that one Christmas Eve, we actually saw him parked his sleigh outside our window.

Every year, my sister and I would write a loooonggg letter to this jolly old man in a red suit with a list of toys and whatnots supposedly to "guide" him and his elves in case they do not know yet what toys to give us. Obviously, not everything on the list were given us but we didn't really care. Waking up every Christmas morning is fun as we always come face to face with a big gift bag filled with toys and goodies by our bedside. It was when we turned 12 that we learned the hard truth... jolly old man was actually just sweet and kind mom and dad.

Nonetheless, it's always fun to come up with our christmas wish list hoping that we'll receive any of those items listed even if it means buying it as a gift to ourselves.

Thus, presenting to you my Top 5 Wishes for the Yuletide season:

1) a facial and a massage

every girly-girl's must do. i've been yearning for one since the start of the year, i think it's about time to give in and indulge.. (just a lil bit)

2) Canon 40D

i promise i will be forever grateful to anyone who will give me this *wishful thinking*

3)Sony Vaio laptop

Another toy that i've been praying hard to have for 6 month now...

4) a trip

Looking for a travel buddy. Please apply here. hahaha :P

and after all those material wants....


This year, I learned that it doesnt matter how many friends you have but what counts is how those friends are willing to stick around even when the going gets tough. It's true that when God closes the door, He opens a window. I sincerely wish for continuous love and friendship that will last a lifetime. Ü


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