#YolandaPH : How to Help?

Times like this, I really wish I was just having a bad dream..a really really bad dream. This is because, in dreams, you eventually wake up and realized that nothing has changed.

Sadly, when Super Typhoon Haiyan (a.k.a. Yolanda) hit my dear country, the Philippines, last Friday it surely wasn't a dream nor was it even a terrible nightmare. It's an awful reality leaving thousands (and I'm talking around 10,000+) dead and a lot more missing. Families were torn apart, children separated from their parents, parents looking for their children, pets, homes, even public structures and farm lands were not spared. I honestly didn't know much about the gravity of this disaster up until I watched our local news the following day. As scenes unfold before my eyes, I felt my heart crushing into tiny pieces. Tears started to flow as I watch the survivors crying in anguish as they continue to search for their loved ones. It has been 5 days since Haiyan left the country yet the pain is still there, the wounds are so raw.

Philippines Typhoon
photo by Aaron Favila (http://www.news.com.au)
As Mommy told me, there are just too many affected places and thousands of families in need of our help that you really do not know where to start. Tacloban City, as seen in the photo above, got one of the worst hits. Haiyan literally brought the entire place down. Dead bodies lined the streets, people began looting out of panic, no local government is in place..it's currently a major state of calamity and disaster. Then there are the other parts of Leyte, Samar, Cebu, Palawan and Oriental Mindoro. All beautiful places now in great need of our help and immediate rehabilitation.

Being miles away from home has initially made me felt helpless. Paul and I really want to reach out to our fellow countrymen and even in our own little way, we wanted to send some help. Thanks to friends who shared some information, we were able to quickly make our donation through the Philippine Red Cross. I pray that our little contribution has made its way to the victims of this terrible typhoon (gosh, I hate you Haiyan!).

I always say that we, Filipinos, bond through food. Through our local fiestas and regular family gatherings, eating has always been a joyous occasion. At this point in time, I believe that we can also continue to let food be the way to help our brothers and sisters who are in need.

Here are some ways on how you can help the victims as you dine out with your friends and loved ones this coming weekend:

#YolandaActionWeekend restaurants
Yolanda PH
Yolanda PH

Yolanda PH

Yolanda PH

bizu yolanda
Save the Date! November 17
Bizu will give 100% of their sales
For those who would like to donate goods and/or cash, my alma mater -- University of Asia & the Pacific (UA&P) is currently accepting donations.
Yolanda PH

Lastly, to my readers who, like me, are living miles away from the Philippines. We can still do our part by sending our donations through these channels.
Yolanda PH

This just in! 

For people living in SG, who want to donate old clothings etc. please visit Jolly-B Box Express Pte Ltd. located in unit #03-66 Lucky Plaza and look for Javer Jay Deniega. We are encouraging everyone to help in any way possible preferably sending over towels, medicine, blanket, clothing, ready to eat foods OR you may opt to contact the following volunteer within your vicinity:
1. Tampines to Paya Lebar - Choy Koh (9321 1528)
2. Jurong East to CCK - Jugz Malaluan (9274 2020)
3. Serangoon to Punggol - Rommel De Guia (9046 1593)
4. Khatib to Yishun - Ken Ty (9642 0033)
5. Punggol - Sonny Saints (9738 5550)
6. East Coast - Vanessa Gutierrez ( 98389373)

Just a word of caution, in this time of need. We should continue to be careful as to where you send your donations. It's still best to course these through trusted organizations, schools or communities to ensure that your contributions will surely reach the ones who need them the most.

If there's one thing I am most proud of being a Filipino, is our undying Bayanihan spirit. I believe that together, we will rise above this crisis and will face a better and brighter tomorrow.

We can do this, my dear Kababayans. ♥

photo credits: http://www.news.com.au (Tacloban photo), other images taken from Facebook as shared by the participating restaurants and from friends

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