a new discovery: broad bean snack!

Sonya's Garden (in Tagaytay), first popularized the use of broad beans (patani in Filipino) in her salads. The crunchy, salty combination is simply a winner. I got hooked to this type of beans as much as i have constantly been craving for another meal at Sonya's.

Thus, just imagine how happy I was when i chance upon a small stall at the St. James Bazaar in Alabang selling packs of...what else?!...Indonesian roasted broad beans!

I tried one bag this morning and it was sooo yummy! the mexican bbq flavor made it a bit sweet and still a bit salty, truly a perfect answer to my current craving. It's quite a steal too! We got this big bag for only P25 each! too bad, Alabang's so far away..but at least we have 3 bags left hopefully to last us longer than a week. Whoever knows if this is also sold here in Metro Manila, please be a true angel and leave me a message. Ü

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