Not Goodbye but Till We Meet Again, Ilocos [Day Three]

Today's itinerary was pretty light. Beach bumming for the entire morning and a side trip to another historical landmark before heading home. HOME. Suddenly, I realized that today was our last day. Can't believe it has been three days since we all first met at Mcdonald's Quezon Ave., exchanged shy but friendly smiles and tried so hard to get accustomed to sleeping in the bus.

It has been three days since we toured around this picture pretty province at the northern part of the Philippines and fell in-love with the beautiful moments that we were able to capture.

As we laid our keys down at the counter of Polaris, we said thank you to the graceful owner who welcomed us all into her cozy resort. We ate our last lunch and once again boarded the bus for our final stop.

Cape Bojeador sits on top of a hill overlooking the South China Sea. It has one of the highest lighthouses that guides ships heading towards the ports of Salomanque and Curmimao. I'm not sure though if the lighthouse is still functional at present.

It was yet another trek up to Cape Bojeador and upon reaching the base of the lighthouse, it would take a brave soul to be able to climb 93 circular steps to reach the tip. I had to beg off and gave my camera to Paul who was brave and curious enough to take the climbing challenge just to see what can be seen from the top.

After a couple of minutes, he came down with a big smile on his face and impressive shots to show off. We began our trek down to the bus while enjoying the afternoon breeze.

After a quick dinner on the side of the road (talk about being game!), we boarded the bus to begin our trip back home.

We ended the trip with 400+ photos. These consists of the beautiful sites that we have visited, the food that we ate and the friends that we made. It was truly a memorable trip that luckily, I was able to share with Paul. Till we meet again, Ilocos.

Our Ilocos Heritage Tour was organized by The Travel Factor. Thanks Tyx and Mike!

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