Som's Noodle House

"It would take years to build a relationship and seconds to destroy it..."

This famous marketing mantra has proven itself true last weekend when Paul and I ate at Som's Noodle House in Tomas Morato. After hearing all the raves and being able to dine in their former branch in Reposo myself, I was dead set on bringing Paul along on my next visit to allow him to enjoy the authentic yet very affordable Thai dishes that this restaurant was known for.

It wasn't difficult to secure a table because this branch was spacious enough with 10 rectangular-sized tables that's good for 5-6 guests each. After handing us our menu, the waitress informed us that they have ran out of noodles and shrimp. HUWAT?! "So no more Phad Thai for tonight... well, it was almost past 8 and business must have been really good that day," I thought.

To make the most of our visit, we settled for Catfish Salad, Green Curry Chicken, Spring roll and Tofu Togue. The salad was very small considering that it's for P105. It's served in a small platter and the green mango strips and catfish flakes were literally swimming in the vinegar dressing. The Green Curry Chicken is pretty good though. It was has a spicy-sweet taste and there were quite a number of chicken strips included. This dish alone made us order another cup of rice to share. The Tofu Togue and the Spring Roll were both forgettable to say the least.

Then came the downfall...

Halfway through our meal we noticed that the table who ordered after us was served with a steaming bowl of...guess what?!.. noodles. I politely called the waitress' attention and asked her how come the other table was able to order noodles when we were told that they were out of stock. She turned defensive and told me that the kitchen crew failed to inform her that there's still one more order of noodles left. Ok, so I forgave her..after all we were already eating and there's nothing that can be done.

After a couple more minutes, the next table was served with Phad Thai (stir fried noodles). This time it was Paul who obviously got irked and asked one of the waiter if they actually have noodles available. The waiter answered with a definite "Yes Sir." He then called the same waitress to ask her the same thing. She was partly stammering, partly denying, partly saving her soul. Poor girl...

It's one thing to commit a mistake and another thing to lie. I don't really see the point why she needs to lie and say that they're out of noodles when in fact they have loads available. It's disappointing that the manager even refused to talk to us. I can't believe that we had such as terrible experience at Som's all because of one waitress who, for some reason, can't keep her facts straight.

Everything happened within the span of 20 minutes and Som's has officially lost two potential loyal customers. *sigh*


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