Happy 8th Blogniversary, Frannywanny!

Today, we celebrate another milestone! 

frannywanny anniversary

Frannywanny.com has been around for 8 fun years! Together with each one of you, we went through all the ups and downs, the highs and lows; and through various restaurants, cafes and even hole in the wall finds too. We've traveled mostly all around Asia and centered our stories towards two beautiful countries that I now call home. 

frannywanny anniversary

8 years is such a long time, I have to say. Well, the optimist in me also believes that it's also one step closer to celebrating a decade of non-stop food blogging, travelling and most of all, new found friendships. I'm currently planning a fun giveaway happening really soon so please do watch out for that. 

Thank you for always being there and most of all for making your presence felt. Big hugs to all! xoxo

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