Sunday Champagne Brunch at The Line in Shangri-la Singapore

Question: What is much better that a weekend brunch? 
Answer: One with free-flowing champagne and an abundant choices of food, of course! 

the line 9

One of the highlights of our relaxing staycation at the Garden Wing of Shangri-la Singapore was the Sunday Champagne Brunch at The Line. As you know, The Line is one of our favourite hotel buffet restaurants in the Lion City, so we couldn't resist not having brunch there before checking out. More so, we have been getting non-stop raves about the premium offerings that you can find in this buffet line-up so we knew that we just have to go for it.

Let me walk you through the different selections that you can find in the buffet:

the line 13
First, you start with some fresh seafood. From three kinds of crabs (King Crab, Sri Lankan and Alaskan Snow Crab) to air-flown oysters to the most plump and juicy tiger prawns, be sure to fill your first place with all these! Paul went wild with his favourite tiger prawns with marinara sauce while I really enjoyed the cold crab claws.

the line 8
Next, you move in to the Japanese section. No buffet feast will ever be complete without having sushi. The Line will ensure that you won't settle for any less as you can fill your tummy with these carefully hand-rolled masterpieces. I think I felt my heart skip a beat while watching the chef torching these yummy looking sushis!

the line 14
If sashimi is your thing, then have your fill of the wide variety from salmon to the different cuts of tuna and even some scallops too. Each piece is really fresh!

the line 1
After the Japanese section, I moved on to the deli station where I was greeted by 10 (yes, TEN) types of foie gras. I never knew there were many ways to prepare foie gras so this brunch experience taught me something new. Admittedly though, I'm not so crazy about cold pate-like foie gras as I like it melting in my mouth with it's savory taste.

the line 12
That said, I headed straight towards the Grilling station where you can request for your meats (and foie gras) to be grilled/seared/pan-fried to perfection. I know this is really bad (I'm so sorry Mommy!) but I indulged and had two yummy pieces of foie gras. Each bite was just...divine. ♥

the line 2
Somewhat hidden in this section were the 30 types of old and new world cheeses. Of course, how can you enjoy your glass of champagne without some cold cuts and a platter of cheese right? I tried most of the soft cheeses and they were pretty good. Wish they'd add more as it were mostly the hard ones.

We've just covered 4 sections so far and that's barely halfway through the buffet line! At this point though, I was starting to get full already so before I couldn't take another bite, I went straight to the carving station.

the line 11
They got a variety of roasted meat available but Paul and I had our eyes on the 48-Hour Slow Roasted Wagyu Beef Leg with Mustard Crust. It was HUGE in sizes so requested for a thin slice each. The best way to enjoy this is to drizzle it with gravy and to have some mustard at the side. The meat was so tender and really flavorful. I can assure you that you won't have to struggle with your knife as you could easily cut into bite-sized pieces without exerting much effort. Easy peasy!

the line 10
Aside from the Wagyu Steak, they also got this rack of Roasted Lamb, equally mouth-watering piece of Australian Striploin and more. This is every meat lover's dream that has just came to life!

the line 6
While enjoying our meal, I noticed this cute lady in a Minion-like costume going around the dining area. She would stop in tables with small kids and would offer to create balloon art for them. How cute! I saw her made a poodle out of one long balloon and she even drew the face too. This will surely get the kids entertained while their parents enjoy the food and champagne.

the line 5
Now, let's talk about the champagne. I'm really not a fan of alcoholic drinks but if there's one that I would love to have then that would be a glass of champagne. I love how light and bubbly it is. Paul calls it a girly-girl's choice of drink and he's right! I cannot imagine myself having a glass of whiskey or rum for example. The Sunday Champagne Brunch offers free-flowing Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut Champagne which I find to be quite good. It's not as light as I'd like it to be as I felt myself warming up after my second glass but it easily glided down my throat without leaving any scratchy trace behind.

In addition to the different stations that I've visited, there were the usual favourites such as the local dishes with Chili Crab, Kuay Teow and Oyster Omelette, the Indian station where you just have to try their Satay but do get it fast as it runs out easily, the Chinese dimsum station where I love love love the Hakaw and lastly, the Chinese noodles station at the left-most corner of the restaurant.

the line 4
For those who loves dessert, the selection is wide enough to surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Paul and I love having some homemade ice cream and fro-yo which I had with some fresh fruits. They even have a section for all things chocolate.

Ahhh..this is the good life. We're so glad to be able to try The Line's Sunday Champagne Brunch and we can't wait to be back.

Buffet Rate:
Adult: S$158++ with unlimited champagne refills

The Line is located at Shangri-la Singapore, 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 2589350. For reservations, please call 6737-3644.

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