Deliveroo Singapore : Because You Deserve The Best #BYDTB

Living abroad and away from family has its perks and of course, its disadvantages too. One thing is that with no helper around, we basically have to fend for ourselves 24/7. This means that if Paul and I have to work late, we still have to worry about where to get dinner and this doesn't exempt us from the dish-washing and house-cleaning chores after. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving our independent life but of course, there are moments when I wish I can just have dinner on our table with just a snap of a finger.

deliveroo sg
Take last Friday for instance, I was rushing to finish something for work and has resigned to the fact that I will be heading home late on a Friday night. Then I thought that perhaps Paul will be able to get home before me and he'll take care of dinner. Then I received an SMS from him saying that he will have to stay a bit later too. Oh dear! I'm pretty sure that once he gets home, he'll be so hungry and I don't have the time to cook our meal. Before I allowed myself to panic, I started to device a plan. 

Deliveroo to the rescue! I recently got an email from the cool folks of Deliveroo telling me about their upcoming promotion this week (20-26 June 2016) where several burger places around the island will be giving 1-for-1 treats to all Deliveroo customers. Why not give it a try eh? So, I quickly made an order to one of my favorite burger places, Three Buns @ Potato Head Folk which is available within my Deliveroo vicinity. I've tried this place last year and have been wanting to bring Paul to try it too. Since it's taking us forever to make that visit happen, I'll then take the burgers straight to him instead. 

It took me less than 10 minutes to make my order. Most of the time actually went to choosing which burger to get as a lot on the list sounds sooo delish! I eventually went for Baby Huey (S$17.12) for me and Four Floors (S$25.68) for him. Each burger comes with a small serving of thick cut fries by just adding S$2.14 to your meal. I could stop right there but I couldn't resist not ordering the Sticky Toffee Pudding (S$6.42) for dessert. After all, it was a Friday and we're both working late. "We truly deserve the best!" Hehehe :P 

deliveroo sg
Being the OC girl that I am, I really love apps that allow me to track where things are. Be it the cab that I just contacted, the delivery van or the motorcycle rider who's carrying my delicious dinner. It was raining that day so I immediately got a notice that my food might come a bit later than usual. The best thing is knowing the status of my food every step of the way. 

deliveroo sg
2 minutes to go and my food will finally reach me! Can you feel my excitement? :) 

deliveroo sg
She made it just in time! Yahoo!
I love how accurate Deliveroo's tracking system is that the moment I got a prompt that the delivery personnel has reached my place, true enough she was right there at the door within 2 minutes. Everything went swift and smooth making my ordering experience such a breeze. 

As soon as I got home, I happily showed Paul my huge bag of food and we started munching on it within minutes. I love the simplicity of my burger plus the fact that they were very generous with the caramelized onions that sat on top of my chunky beef patty. Ordering from Deliveroo also allowed me to customize my burger. Something that I just love doing to my food. I swapped out the demi brioche bun to a regular sesame bun since I just want it traditional and simple. 

deliveroo sg
Paul's burger was huge and perfect to satisfy his hungry state. It's packed with double 100g aged Hereford Angus Beef patties, two slices of cheese, three servings of onions, pickles, ketchup and miso mayo. I'm so happy that he gave this a two thumbs up sign and he's enjoying it at the comforts of our home. The fries got a bit soggy though since it took me a while to get home but no biggie as I quickly popped it inside the oven and it turned crisp again within minutes. 

deliveroo sg
Lastly, for dessert, I heated up the Sticky Toffee Pudding again to bring the butterscotch sauce back to its liquid form again. After which, I added in the clotted cream which was so yummy! I got to admit that it wasn't the best Sticky Toffee Pudding that I've tasted but for our home dinner, it wasn't so bad at all. 

So should you be craving for burgers this week, check out Three Buns @ Potato Head Folks, Harry's, BERGS, Wildfire Burger, Dolce Tokyo and The Working Title at Deliveroo and enjoy two burger orders for the price of one! I dunno about you but I'm thinking of having burgers again for dinner one of these days. There's no way I'm letting this good deal pass. 

Check out Deliveroo Singapore at or download the app through the Apple Store. Not sure if they have it for Android phones too. Do let me know at the comment box below if you have any idea about this. 

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