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Let me tell you a bit about my fan-girling moment. Since December, I stumbled upon a YouTube video of 3 cute toddlers playing pretend cafe with their parents. Their cute antics and very garbled but adorable sounding words just got me hooked since then. Day after day, I would follow their new vlog episode and it's then that I've gotten to know more about the Travis family. I guess one thing that I love about them is they're your normal, down-to-earth Asian-American family. There's Benji, a half Japanese, half Irish dad who is a big advocate of healthy eating and drinking, then you got Judy, a long-time vlogger who's pure Filipina who grew up in the US. She is the mother of 3 cute toddlers namely Juliana or JB and twins Keira and Miyako. This may sound crazy but my day will not be complete if I don't get to watch their latest vlog. Through the months, I've learned to be more conscious about healthy eating too most particularly in choosing organic ingredients and I'm learning to buy more green juice too. Thanks to Benji!

nature's glory 6
So, when I got an invite to check out Nature's Glory here in Singapore, I was so excited! They're one of the biggest distributors and importers of healthy and organic goods and I got the chance to visit their store and to know more about the company too.

nature's glory 3
Before we go on a tour around their store, I'd like you all to meet Mr. Peter Lim. Would you believe that he's already in his 70s? He's the founder of Nature's Glory and he's a big advocate of organic eating here in Singapore. He told us about the good effects and benefits eating clean and green can do to our system and I totally agree with him. I know, it's really hard to have that discipline to eat healthy all the time as I just love chips, carbs and fried food but I'm really really trying. For one thing, Paul and I try to make it a point to add more greens into our daily meals and we have been careful in choosing the things we buy from the market and the grocery too. It's as simple as choosing the right type of cooking oil or choosing organic ingredients over one that's loaded with chemicals and preservatives.

I have to admit that making this slight changes comes with a price. Organic products, for instance, are definitely priced higher than the mass produced ones but think about it, if eating clean and healthy can save you from the sky-rocketing medical bills later on, then it might be a good investment to make.

Okay, enough talking and let me take you on a virtual tour around the Nature's Glory store:

nature's glory 4
First stop is this row of milk product and we got to learn about Bonsoy which is a popular soy milk brand from Japan. I got to admit that I don't drink milk that much given that I am lactose intolerant but since I got two cartons of Bonsoy in my fridge, let me give it a try soon.

nature's glory 5
I was so excited then I saw that they're selling Organic Tahini, this is the main ingredient needed to make Hummus. Now I know where to go should I need to make some hummus with pita bread at home. Aside from this, they got a wide array for spices and herbs needed for your every day cooking.

nature's glory 8
I also found this bag of Wakame which are Japanese seaweeds. It seems to be the dried version which I think can go with Miso Soup.

nature's glory 9
Moving on, we saw this aisle filled with Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Rice and more. It's all the healthy grains available. Well, eating healthy doesn't mean your meal has to go yucky. You still need your carbs but it's a matter of choosing the right stuff from now on. They also got gluten-free pasta which I think I might go back and try some other time. You have no idea how much products they have available! They can seriously fill up one entire major supermarket with all their products.

nature's glory 7
What are the chances of finding a product that has your name on it! Sorry, not a fan of raisins but for those who loves this (like Paul) please buy some Franny's! Hehe :P

Aside from food items, they also got health supplements, air purifier, water purifier, fresh produce, beauty products and more! I can probably stay for hours in there! The best thing is, I honestly feel that all items are very reasonably priced. Imagine, organic noodles for instance ranges from $4 to $6. That's not very far from the usual $2 to $4 non-pasta noodles found in major supermarkets here.

After our store visit, I was so excited to bring home some items for me to try at home. So far, I've made two dishes out of Nature Glory's products. Here they are!

nature's glory 10
Mixed Brown Rice and Buckwheat Ramen with Pork Balls and Soft-Boiled Egg
Made this one rainy evening and we both loved how the two ramen noodles complements each other. The broth alone was very mildly flavored so I loaded up on pepper to give it a stronger taste. Final touch was the soft-boiled egg to give it that authentic ramen feel.

nature's glory 1
Really enjoyed this refreshing dessert that's filled with all the healthy stuff too. Did you know that Goji Berries are one of the best superfoods? See recipe here. 

Check out Nature's Glory's store at 315 Outram Road, #01-09 Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074. It's beside Holiday Inn Express in Tiong Bahru. Alternatively, you may shop online via their website too.

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