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Here in Singapore, it's pretty common to hear restaurants and cafes opening left and right on a weekly basis. Back when we first moved here, I really tried my darnest to keep up and to visit as many new places as possible. However, with the speed of restaurants opening all over the country, I've come to realized that it's pretty impossible to keep up and it's definitely not very financially and physically smart to do so too. We then resorted to relying on some of our favorite foodies here to point us to the places that we have to try and prioritize.

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Our friend D is one of the foodies whom we love and respect so much. We trust his taste and with the number of places that he has brought us to plus the different yummy baked goodies that he has sent our way, D and his amazing taste in food has never disappoint. So last year, we had our first taste of Masizzim with D. If you remember, this was the place where there's forever a long queue and people would continue to rave about its meat stews, rice balls and more! True enough, we loved Masizzim's Beef Stew and Squid and Leek Pancakes.

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So, when I got an invite to try Masizzim's newest menu items, I immediately said YES! I'm definitely not shying away from any opportunity to enjoy a good meal. The best way to start your meal is to choose your drink. There are three new additions to the menu namely: Slush Beer (S$13.80), Honey Slush Beer (S$15.80) and Grapefruit Yogurt (S$14.80). All my dining companions went for the Slush Beers and I totally don't blame them! Served in a tall glass, this ice-blended beer indeed looked so inviting and refreshing. It's a big serving too making it perfect to enjoy all throughout the meal. The Honey Slush Beer is very similar to it's original counterpart except for the extra drizzle of honey on top.

As for me, I kept to my birthday resolution of staying away from alcohol and caffeine so I had the Grapefruit Yogurt. I loved it! Not so sweet, not so sour, it was also very refreshing and hey, it's healthy too! As you know, grapefruit helps in weight loss, it prevents stroke and it's a good source of Vitamin C and fiber too. Since it's made with yogurt, this is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant especially when it comes to milk.

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Now that we got our refreshing drinks, it was time to warm our tummies. First on the list was the Kimchi Beef Rib Soup (S$16.80) which was very similar to their best-selling Beef Stew only this one had a slight spicy kick from the kimchi soup. I love how it's cooked with glass noodles making it a hearty meal on its own. In fact, I don't mind having this all to myself for lunch or dinner maybe.

Then again, I've always been a rice lover more than anything else. The Crabmeat & Roe Rice Ball (S$10.80) was one of my favorite dishes that evening. I love how it allows you somehow "create" your rice ball by mixing all the ingredients together inside the big bowl and shaping them into any form before taking a bite. You may turn them into round balls, heart-shaped patties and more!

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I love the contrast of textures and flavors that you'd get in one bite. There's the meaty crab meat, the crunchy seaweed strips, the popping ebiko (shrimp roe) and the irresistible furikake which goes so well with rice. Trust me, furikake is really an amazing culinary creation where it turns any plain rice to something so delicious. You can opt to eat the rice ball alone or just like me, I enjoyed pouring a bit of the Kimchi Beef Rib Soup onto my rice before scooping it up.

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Masizzim is known for its stew so it just makes perfect sense to add more stew options in the menu. They have the Spicy Seafood Stew (S$36.80) which is a huge pot filled with squid, mussels, prawns and crayfish that's cooked in Masizzim's secret recipe soup broth and served with tteokbokki (rice cakes) as well as your choice of glass noodles or Korean udon. You can also choose the level of spiciness for your stew. I would always go for the lowest to zero option but I know of some brave souls who can definitely go all out with the spiciest level possible. While this stew has a strong spicy kick, I loved the comforting taste it gives. It's obvious that this has been cooked for a long time that the flavor has seeped into the seafood too.

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For couples who can't decide if they want it all seafood or pure beef, then this is the perfect answer to your dilemma. The Spicy Seafood Beef Stew (S$38.80) is Masizzim's very own surf and turf. Inside the piping hot pot, you get the same types of seafood found in the Spicy Seafood Stew plus chunks of slow-cooked beef ribs which also comes with glass noodles or Korean udon. I will definitely order this when I go back with Paul as it's just perfect for us! More seafood for me, chunks of tender beef ribs for him.

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As you know, every superhero always has a sidekick. Thus, Masizzim's stews must be enjoyed with some side dishes. If there's one side dish that you have to order, please take my advice and go for the Honey Mustard Egg Roll (S$9.80). it's a perfectly created rolled omelette with oozing mozzarella and cheddar cheeses and topped with honey mustard. It's very simple but the cheese alone will make you want more.

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If cheese and honey mustard is not your thing though, then try the Tuna Seaweed Egg Roll (S$10.80) which is a cross between the Japanese okonomiyaki and omurice as well as the Indian Roti John. This rolled omelette is filled with tuna and seaweed and it's drizzled with ketchup and mayo. I can imagine the kids loving this as it's very simple and it's a flavor that everyone's very familiar with.

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Lastly, the Spicy Pork (S$14.80) would actually go well with a bowl of rice. It's grilled pork belly on sizzling plate and cooked with carrots, onions, sesame seed and Masizzim's sweet and spicy sauce. Not bad but definitely nothing extra ordinary either.

I really enjoyed all the new dishes that Masizzim has started to offer. I can't wait to go back for more of those rice balls, egg rolls and stews! Has anyone tried these new dishes already? Tell me below!

Masizzim Singapore is located at B3-02, 313 Somerset, Orchard Road, Singapore. Call them at 6509-5808. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram too! 

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