Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Back at Yentafo Kruengsonge at Kallang Wave Mall

It has been raining on-off for the past weeks here in the Lion City and seriously, it has been a challenge to pull myself up from bed as this is just the perfect time to curl in bed and sleep all day long. I really can’t wait for the weekend to come as I have big plans of hibernating for as long as I can.

yentafo kruengsonge kallang
When it comes to rainy, cold weather, it’s also the perfect time to enjoy a bowl of delicious noodle soup. This then made me think about that dinner that Paul and I recently had at Yentafo Kruengsonge. It wasn’t my first time there as I’ve been to their Cathay Cineleisure outlet but this time, we went to check out their Kallang Wave Mall outlet, which I feel is much bigger and has better seating capacity as compared to the former one.

yentafo kruengsonge kallang
Our dinner began with a classic favorite – Yum Crispy Salmon Skin (S$7). It can be pretty addicting as you bite into the crunchy fried salmon skin which is topped with their homemade yum sauce. Paul loved this and I’m so glad that he agrees at how good it was. You can never stop after the first bite.

yentafo kruengsonge kallang
We also tried the Sesame Wings (S$5), which was new on the menu. This was so good! Take a careful bite into the crunchy sesame coating as the chicken can still be piping hot inside. I don’t know how they manage to maintain the heat but having freshly cooked wings makes it even more satisfying. This is served with sweet and sour dip but if you ask me, I was so happy enjoying it on its own.

yentafo kruengsonge kallang
Moving on to our main dishes, we had another signature – Yentafo Kruengsonge Soup (S$8.50). As you know, anything with the restaurant’s name on it means it’s definitely a must-try. I had this during my first visit and I really enjoyed the special pink sauce that had a bit of sour, sweet and spicy flavor notes in one. The winning thing about it though is the wide array of ingredients that comes with a generous portion of white flat noodles. I love anything with fish cakes, seafood balls, veggies, beancurd and yes, see that crispy strip of fish skin in there too? We got two bowls to share among the 6 of us and not a single drop was left as it was THAT good.

yentafo kruengsonge kallang
For those who wants a bit more heat. You have to go with the Original Tom Yum Noodle Soup (S$9). It was a bit too spicy for me though so I’d probably just stick to the Yentafo Kruengsonge Soup instead.

yentafo kruengsonge kallang
Another must try is the Kua Gai Chicken (S$8.50) which was the winning dish of the night for me. I love Char Kuey Teow and this is the Thai version where they did away with the dark soy sauce yet you can taste the smoky wok hei flavour. The flat noodles just went so well with chopped chicken fillet and egg and it’s served with their homemade garlic chili sauce giving it that zing minus the overly spicy scare. It was so good I couldn’t stop raving about it in every bite.

This may come as a surprise given that I’ve declared so many times that I am a rice lover but really. It takes a special noodle dish to blow me away and the Kua Gai Chicken has successfully done so.

yentafo kruengsonge kallang
For those who still love rice more than anything, you have to try the Steamed Pork Ribs in Gravy with Rice (S$12.90). This is a full meal on it’s own and is perfect for lunch outs with your colleagues. Imagine sinking your teeth into this braised pork rib that has been cooked for hours making it literally melt-in-your-mouth. It’s steeped in a savory braised sauce so the best type of rice to accompany it would be a cup of fragrant white rice and a side of kailan to complete your dietary requirements for the meal. It reminds me of my Kongkong’s Pata Tim or Hongma where the meat is so flavorful and tender in every bite.

yentafo kruengsonge kallang
They also have the Spicy Fried Rice with Tuk Tuk Herbal Pork (S$9) and they’re not kidding about the word “spicy” attached to it. Each bite will seriously fire up your tastebuds as it’s cooked with finely chopped Thai red and green chili padi. It’s so tiny there’s no way to remove every single piece to lessen the heat. It’s the kind that’s so good but it’s so spicy making it such a challenge to finish. Such a struggle, if you ask me.

To tame our burning tastebuds, we finally had two of the yummiest desserts. First was the Santol Sweety Delight (S$6) which I love love love! I've raved about this in my previous entry and I still love it on my second try.
yentafo kruengsonge kallang
The second dessert was something new. We had the Kanom Tuay (S$5) which is a delectable steamed coconut milk custard dessert with brown sugar. It has a very familiar taste liken to most Southeast Asian desserts thus giving that sense of comfort and familiarity in every bite.

It was such a fun dinner trying the new dishes at Yentafo Kruengsonge as well as having some of my old favourites too. Should it start raining again, looks like I know where to go for a good meal. 

Yentafo Kruengsonge is located at Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place, 01-15/K7. They also have an outlet at Cathay Cineleisure and at One@KentRidge too. Follow them on Facebook!

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