Snack Time : Think Wink Cookies

So, for Mommies like me who's up at the wee hours of the morning while feeding a sleepy and hungry baby...what do you do? Stare at your baby's face? Stare into space? Surf the internet?

I've done all of that and even once attempted to blog but I was just so scared to squish my baby which will surely wake her up in the process. Believe me, a startled baby who suddenly wakes up because of sudden movements is not a happy baby and you wouldn't want a wailing, unhappy baby at 3 in the morning. Thankfully there's my phone and Instagram. I normally would scroll through my feed to see what my friends are up to. For some reason, I always stop at my friend Spanky's post who shares mouthwatering "food porn" shots (and random sexy girls photos too for the interest of all the men out there hehe).

think wink cookies 1
Spanky has been my dessert guru as of late. Since I gave birth and officially joined the no-sleep club, I love seeing Spanky's photos of cakes, cookies and whatever sweet treats he happens to discover in the metro. Last December, he shared a photo of a stack of cookies from Think Wink Cookies as it was the cover of his Let's Eat magazine. My gosh, seeing this so early in the morning really made my mouth water and my tummy rumble. Of course, I had to do something about it. With just a few clicks, I ended up ordering a couple of boxes for the Holiday season. It's perfect as I didn't had time to do any Christmas shopping so I decided to trust my friend's taste and got this as gifts for our godparents. Of course, I just had to get a box of myself too.

Think Wink has several flavors available : Oatmeal Choco Chip, Oatmeal Kahlua Raisin (Php. 375), Chocolate Chip (Php. 400), Cranberry White (Php. 550) and Peanut Butter M&Ms (Php. 550). I got the Oatmeal Choco Chip (Php. 375/box of 10s) as it was their best-selling flavor. I believe they also add in a few more flavors on a seasonal basis.

One thing I love about Think Wink is their packaging. Each cookie is packed in individual plastic bags ensuring its freshness for a longer period of time. All 10 cookies are then placed in a nice box making it so presentable and ready for gift giving. It's just elegantly package just the way I love it.

think wink cookies 2
Now, on to the taste. "OMG." This was my initial reaction upon taking the first bite. The cookie is the chewy kind and one bite you'll feel how the cookie literally melts in your mouth. I love chewy cookies as I do not like getting crumbs all over my shirt or worst on my sleeping baby's head. The size is just right for you to pop one whole cookie in your mouth and enjoy it's buttery, chocolatey goodness with your eyes closed para with feelings.

I'm crazy about Think Wink Cookies and I think I can easily consume one entire box in a day. It's just so good and really addicting. I'm pretty sure our godparents loved it too! I never thought I'd be the kind who'd shop on Instagram but hey, I've been trying various desserts which were highly recommended by friends and I haven't been disappointed since. Big thanks to my dear dessert guru for always sharing his newest sweet discoveries with the world.

Now, it's time to pay it forward and so here I am sharing the news with you. What are you waiting for? Order your box of yummy cookies now! :)

Search for Think Wink Cookies on Instagram or Facebook to make your orders. You may also message them at +63 9772148060. 

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