Lenten Special : Mcdonald's Fish and Fries

Look what's back at Mcdonald's this Lenten Season and yes, it's yummy and British!

For decades now, I've been practicing abstinence from meat on Friday thus my numerous Meatless Fridays restaurant and recipe posts here in the blog. (see here, here and here). For me, it's not difficult to have seafood all day but I got to admit that seeing meat on the table can really be tempting. So this has been my annual act of sacrifice during Lent.

mcdonalds fish and fries ph
Since the Philippines is predominantly a Catholic-practicing country, majority of the restaurants would offer Lenten specials featuring their signature seafood dishes. For our go-to fast food chain, Mcdonald's, there's always the dependable Fillet o Fish which has been my favorite even when there's no need to abstain. I love the lightly breaded, deep-fried fish topped with their tangy tartar sauce, a nice slice of cheese and their pillowy soft buns. I would normally dip my fries into the tartar sauce before consuming the sandwich.

mcdonalds fish and fries ph
Well, guess what?! They're re-introducing the Fish and Fries (Php. 150 One Piece / Php. 245 Two Pieces) which apparently was a hit when it was launched a few years back. I wasn't in the country then so it was my first time to try it. Unlike the fish used in the sandwich, this one was a chunkier, meatier kind and the size was pretty generous. It has a golden crisp coating and is paired with three sauces of your choice -- tartar sauce, thousand island or sweet and sour. Among the three, my favorite was the sweet and sour which is the same one used for their nuggets. How I wish they'll offer curry or honey mustard sauce here similar to the ones we had in Singapore.

mcdonalds fish and fries ph
It's all about customizing your orders and making your own choice at Mcdonald's! Aside from choosing your own sauce, your Fish and Fries can actually be Fish and Rice. Hooray! If you're a rice lover like me, I know you'll be so happy about this and you can even upgrade it to garlic rice for just an additional Php. 5! Talk about having your own Fish and Sinangag available from morning till night.

Don't wait till Friday to have this, go and enjoy this any given day at your favorite Mcdonald's outlet. Mine is the newly opened one along Madison Ortigas which opened right on time last Valentine's Day. ♥

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