Franny Mommy : Merry Moo Lactation Ice Cream

Back before I had my twins..even way before I got pregnant, I got to admit that I would scroll over photos of friends sharing their milk and would wonder to myself what the fuss is all about over one's ability to produce milk. It was on my 3rd day post partum when everything just made perfect sense and that was when I finally entered the world of breastfeeding. I got to admit that all throughout my pregnancy, I never really prepared myself for breastfeeding. Paul and I kept an open mind that in case I won't be able to breastfeed my twins, then we are willing to give them formula. I didn't even bothered to join any lactation classes and I barely educated myself about it. In fact, I still remembered that day when I had to ask the NICU nurse to help me express my colostrum as that's one thing that I was determined to give my twins.

Luckily, the NICU nurse was super helpful and encouraging. As I tried to express my first amount of liquid gold she told me that I was doing it right and the amount that I was able to produce was actually a lot considering I am a first time mom. Those words really gave me so much hope and since then, I never stopped feeding, expressing or pumping milk for my twins. From 2ml to 10ml to an ounce and now to an average of 8 ounces of milk, I just kept on going. I got to admit though that there were rough times. I remember staying up all night during the 1st month of my twins reading up on how to achieve the perfect latch and how to produce more milk. I just felt like I am not providing enough to meet the increasing demands of my babies. However, thinking about the bond that I have with my babies while feeding them is something that keeps me going day by day.

merry moo 1
Then, I read about galactogogues and lactation snacks which can help increase one's supply. I wasn't sure how that exactly works but I was open to try anything. My best friend T gave me a box of yummy snacks from Mommy Treats and while I happily munch on their mouthwatering lactation cookies and brownies in between feeding sessions, I noticed that I'm starting to produce more milk. Hooray! I read up on it and apparently, galactogogues is a substance that helps increase milk production not only for humans but for animals as well. Food items such as malunggay leaves, fennel seeds, garlic, chickpeas, papaya and more are examples of galactogogues. I started taking Malunggay Capsules on my last trimester and I've been eyeing snacks which have galactogogues too. Since I'll be indulging on these, might as well choose those that will help me right?

While talking to my cousin about milk production, breastfeeding and more, she told me that Merry Moo makes Lactation Ice Cream. What?! I didn't know that! One of my favorite ice cream brand has created 3 special ice cream flavors for lactating moms. How cool is that?

merry moo 2
They got the Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Matcha Green Tea (Php. 450/pint). Fenugreek actually has a very distinct taste and smell and while it's undeniably there, the Dark Chocolate ice cream in particular complemented it pretty well. I love how fenugreek reacts very well on my body allowing me to produce more milk. For instance, my little boy J fell sick last week and the best way to help him recover faster is by giving him my milk. Of course, I have my sweet little L to feed as well. Luckily, I've managed to feed my babies purely my breast milk all week without leaving them hungry. I don't know how it works but I'm just pretty amazed by it.

Another thing is that breastfeeding always leaves me so hungry after! They say that you burn 1,000 calories a day when breastfeeding twins so that gives me a lot of extra allowances to eat more. I love snacking after feeding my twins and while I'm just too lazy to toast some bread or warm up anything from the fridge, it's so easy to just grab a bowl and spoon and scoop a good amount of ice cream to enjoy.

Talking about this is making me crave more of Merry Moo's Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. Since I'm also craving for anything with Matcha, maybe I should try that next time too.

Merry Moo's Lactation Ice Cream is available at The Parenting Emporium and via the Mommy Treats website. They also keep a small quantity in their scooping stations at SM Aura, SM Megamall, Legazpi and Salcedo Weekend Markets. 

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