Unli-Yang Chow Fried Rice at Super Bowl of China

"Rice is Life" and that's a fact. I believe that most Asians would agree with me that no meal will ever be complete without rice. Personally, fried rice is my weakness. As a kid, a meal immediately becomes extra special whenever Mommy would cook her signature fried rice. It's nothing fancy but it's a very garlicky rice with hotdog, ham, spring onions and egg. It has a distinct taste that I know only Mommy can make. In fact, I tried to recreate it several times when I was living in Singapore but I could never get close to the real thing. That's what makes it truly amazing.

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So, given my immense love for fried rice. I couldn't pass up the chance to check out Super Bowl of China's Unlimited Yang Chow Fried Rice promotion. It ends on 30 March 2018 so please hurry over TODAY or the next few days. Paul and I took a quick Mommy and Daddy break from our twins for a nice dinner out. I haven't been to Super Bowl of China for years but I do recall my favorites there -- Super Bowl Fried Rice, Dimsum Combination Platter, Lemon Chicken, Steamed Fish Fillet and their complimentary bowl of kropek. I'm happy to share that all these are still available at present. 

super bowl of china 2
So how does the promotion work? Everyday from 11AM to 2PM and 6PM to 8PM, all guests of Super Bowl of China can avail of unlimited refills of their signature Yang Chow Fried Rice for only Php. 70! That's a great great deal as one bowl of rice normally costs Php. 40 already so just imagine just paying this little to have as many bowls of fried rice as you can. The best thing about Yang Chow Fried Rice is how it complements almost all dishes in Super Bowl of China. I also love how the fried rice stays non-greasy and it has huge chunks of veggies too. 

super bowl of china 4
For starters, we had their famous Dimsum Combination Platter (Php. 350). As you enter the restaurant, look around you and you'll probably see this as a staple on most tables. It's a good choice for those dining with a big group or if you just can't decide which dimsum to get. Then try them all! This huge baskets contain 2 pcs of shrimp hakaw, 3 pcs of pork siomai, 1 piece of asado siopao, 4 pieces of deep-fried vegetarian spring rolls and fried wontons. My favorite remains to be the shrimp hakaw. 

super bowl of china 3
We also tried the Deep-Fried Cuttlefish with Spicy Salt (Php. 280) this is one dish which I feel will bring more bang for your buck. It has a very reasonable price tag and you get a full plate of crunchy and really yummy fried cuttlefish. I love how each piece was so crisp and not rubbery at all. Furthermore, it goes so well with the fried rice as there's a mild spicy kick perking up the flavor even more. 

super bowl of china 7
For our second protein, it was a toss between my favorite Lemon Chicken (Php. 270) or the Sliced Beef with Broccoli (Php. 365). Paul was somehow sick of chicken as we would have this so often at home so it was beef for us that evening. Tender slices of beef were sauteed in thick oyster sauce and an assortment of veggies. I'm glad that we went for the beef as it was my first time to try it and I loved it!

super bowl of china 5
Lastly, we love having veggies in our meal spread and this time, we had the Stir Fried Baguio Beans with Minced Pork (Php. 230). This is a good alternative if you do not want to have any leafy veggies. This one is a filling dish as the well-flavored baguio beans were stir-fried with a generous serving of minced pork. 

I think that this is such a brilliant promotion to have and I hope to be part of it on a yearly basis. The verdict, Paul and I had 2 bowls of fried rice each. I know this doesn't sound quite impressive but hey, it was a good experience. Guess it shows that we're no longer voracious eaters anymore.

Now, guess you know where to head to before March 30! Go prepared and ready to be Yang Chow-satisfied!

Super Bowl of China has 5 branches nationwide -- SM Megamall, Eastwood Citywalk 1, Robinsons Place Manila, SM Mall of Asia and Festival Mall in Alabang.  

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