Party with me at Wingzone, SM Megamall

My birthday is coming in a few more days so allow me to talk about one of my favorite food items...Chicken Wings.

Who doesn't love chicken wings? Most especially when it's the kind that comes with not one, not two but 15 dips and dry rubs! I first encountered Wingzone back in Singapore where I would visit their Bugis+ branch simply to have their Mozzarella Sticks. This was one of my incentives whenever I go to the doctor at Raffles Hospital. Imagine my shock one day, when I found out that they ran out of mozzarella sticks...and later on the shop closed permanently. Guess they really were just finishing off their last batch of inventory before they closed shop. *sigh*

wingzone 8
Well, what was Singapore's loss became Manila's gain as Wingzone made its way to our shores! Tucked in at one corner of SM Mega Atrium, Wingzone occupies a very spacious store area that's perfect for big groups to dine in.

wingzone 9
The main star of their menu is quite obviously the chicken wings (Php. 195 / Php. 260 / Php 380). However, you get to customize your choice. First of all, do you want it naked (covered in your choice of sauce) or crunch (plain, deep-fried chicken goodness). Secondly, choose from the 15 sauces available. They have the chili meter to help you. Personally, I love the Honey Q, the Liquid Gold, the Cool Ranch rub and the Smoking Q if i want a bit of heat.

wingzone 2
If chicken wings are not your thing, you can also choose the Boneless Bites (Php. 185 - Php. 375), the Strips (Php. 165 - Php. 350) or my personal favorite, the Drumsticks (Php. 160 - Php. 410). There's also an option to make it into a meal but simply adding Php. 79 for a cup of rice and a drink. Lately though, they have this interesting promotion where you automatically get unlimited refills of rice and drinks if you avail of this.

Of course, no super hero goes to battle alone. Together with our hero product, we have a number of sides who perfectly fits the role as sidekicks.

wingzone 10
First is the Flavor Rubbed Wedges (Php. 125 / Php. 220) which are thick cut freshly deep-fried fries tossed in their signature rubs. Cool Ranch is pretty much like a dry version ranch dressing. It's not very sweet though and I somehow love the country feel it brings. The Smoking Q has a lot more personality to it with a mild spicy punch and the deliciously sweet and savory barbecue flavor.

wingzone 7
If you prefer crunchy chips over fries, then you got to try the Homemade Kettle Chips (Php. 99 / Php. 189) which is unique to the local market. I was told that this is only available here in their Manila stores. Similar to the wedges, it also comes in two flavors -- Blackened Voodoo and Cool Ranch. I can't stop munching on these! Be sure to get this for starters when you're dining at Wingzone.

wingzone 4
Of course, I just had to try their Mozzarella Sticks (Php. 225 / Php. 440). Oh how I missed this delicious cheezy creation and I'm so glad they have this in their Manila store. Dear Wing Zone, please don't ever break my heart and please make sure you'll always have stock available all.the.time. Once again, I was reunited with one of the yummiest mozzarella sticks in town. I love the ooey gooey cheese inside which was covered with a delicious crust. What I love about it is that the coating is not too thick nor too thin. It's well crusted and deep-fried evenly. Served with ketchup but if you ask me, I love it with the Liquid Gold dip.

wingzone 3
We all need to maintain a balanced diet so let's have some House Chicken Salad (Php. 215)! Fresh greens with tomatoes, cheese and chicken strips served with your choice of dressing -- Thai Samurai or Smokehouse. Just to share with you that smokehouse is pretty much Honey Q while Thai Samurai could be... Thai Chili? I had this again on my second visit and I enjoyed the fresh salad so much. I love the generous serving and how well the sauce perked up the taste of my salad over-all.

wingzone 11
Lastly, if you still want more, try the burgers! Choose from Beef (Php. 275 / Php. 375) or Chicken Burgers (Php. 245)  and you can customize further by choose if you want it with beef or chicken, how about one patty or two? Grilled or Fried? Next you choose if we want it with cheese or bacon? I just love how democratic things are at Wingzone where you get to decide in every step of the way.

wingzone 1
It was such a fun meal at Wingzone but of course, we can't end our meal just like that. You just have to try (please take my word of this) the Brownie Ala Mode (Php. 130) which is an amazing dessert of freshly baked brownies topped with scoops of vanilla ice cream. It's simple but I wouldn't have it any other way.


In my 11 years of blogging, I have to admit that I never got around to hosting a meet up. However, I do get so kilig whenever someone comes up to me and would introduce him/her as one of my readers. You all know who you are and I'd like to thank you!

In line with my birthday, I'd like to treat 6 lucky followers/readers to a meal at Wingzone! In addition to this, he/she will also receive (3) coupons each for a set of 4 chicken wings! That's a dozen chicken wings per winner to enjoy your friends and family.

All you have to do is to follow me on Instagram and watch out for my giveaway announcement there. Good luck!

Check out Wingzone at the 2nd floor, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Julia Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City. 

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