ADB Crinkles : Best in Town?

I've never had a sweet tooth. When I was growing up, there were only two types of desserts that I love -- Ice Cream and Crinkles. I don't even like cookies that much..well not as much as my sister who can totally beat cookie monster any day for as long as she has a bag of her famous cookies on hand. I also do not crave for cakes or pastries as majority of which I find to be way too sweet for me.

I guess, loving ice cream is a no brainer. It's the best comfort food and you can have it at any given time of the day. After a meal, in between meals, while watching TV or movie, while nursing a heartache and so on.  I also do not have a particular favorite ice cream flavor as I love trying a variety and my choice also depends on my mood.

adb crinkles 1
So why crinkles? For some reason, I've always correlate crinkles to Christmas -- my favorite time of the year. Perhaps, that's when we would regularly get to receive a box or two of crinkles. I love the kind that's moist and gooey inside and not too crumbly or hard outside. Crinkles are also covered in powdered sugar and the best kind for me are those that can keep the sweetness level to a minimum. I've had my share of those that would make me cringe with too much sweetness or those with sugar frosted on top already. Yikes! No no no!

Then, I heard about the famous ADB Crinkles. Several reviewers would say that it is the Best Chocolate Crinkles in the Country. Just to make it even more enticing to get, purchasing this much talked about crinkles is not easy. As it is made by the baker from the ADB cafeteria, this then means that it is only available to all employees of the Asian Development Bank and as we all know, not everyone can enter this office premise as security is super strict. So your only way is to find a friend, relative, neighbor, friend of a friend who works at ADB in order to try their crinkles. I never thought I'd have a chance since I do not know anyone who works at ADB...

...then I met R and ADB crinkles angels.

One right after the other suddenly gifted me with delicate packs of homemade Chocolate Crinkles that are wrapped in white Japanese paper. It's so old school and I love it!

adb crinkles 2
R sent me my first ever ADB Crinkles and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it was love at first bite. It has everything that I love in a chocolate crinkle -- it's gooey and moist inside and the sweetness level was just right. It was indeed a struggle trying to make sure that I can only have one crinkle after a meal every day. No wonder this was easily proclaimed as one of the best crinkles in town, the consistency was almost gooey cake like and since it wasn't too sweet then you take away the umay (overly satiated) factor.

A few weeks after that, as I had my first day back at the corporate world, my boss I brought packs of Chocolate Crinkles too! She even had to queue up that morning in order to get them for us. Isn't she the best?

adb crinkles 3
So there you have it, should you know someone who works at the Asian Development Bank (ADB), start by asking them sweetly if they can get some of those yummy crinkles for you to try!

How about you? Where's the best Chocolate Crinkles in town? Tell me below please. 

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