Fiery Night at Mimi & Bros at Bonifacio Global City

There was once a girl named Mimi who was the youngest in the family and while her brothers used to party a lot in their home which actually was one of the popular house party venues back in the day, Mimi missed out on all that as she was way too young to stay up late and party then. So, as a "gift" for her, her brothers created Mimi & Bros which is a venue for Mimi (and her entire family and pretty much all of us) to hang out and to party with good food and booze. 

mimi and bros 5
Mimi & Bros gives you 9 sauces to choose from
After a long day working in BGC, Paul and I decided to go for an early dinner date. I tell you, I could still count the number of times we've stayed out past 6 pm since we had our twins. Don't get me wrong, I love my twins and being their Mommy is truly a dream come true but I got to admit that I do miss those days when it was just me and Paul and our random, impromptu dates. It was just one of those days when we were craving for real good, deep fried chicken when we remembered that we've been wanting to try Mimi & Bros. It's the brainchild of our friend Chef E and as big fans of his other restaurants, I was pretty sure that the food here will be just as awesome. We've been promising him that we would visit and so that day was meant for our promise to be fulfilled.

Since we got there pretty early, we managed to get a nice table in the air-conditioned area. I know that probably the rest of the crowd wanted to hang out at the al fresco section as they can watch the game or show on the big screen and enjoy the Happy Hour which runs till 8pm. Not for us though. Summer is here and with the humid weather even at night, I was so happy to settle into my seat with the cool air blowing on top of us.

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Chef E and our new friend P told us that they're having an ongoing Fiery Chicken promotion and we were so ready to take the spicy challenge. Can we take the heat? We started with Mimi's Fiery Fried Chicken Sandwich (Php. 315). In between two slices of buttered bread is a chunky piece of deep-fried chicken slathered with its homemade spicy sauce, creamy coleslaw and some tangy pickles. I tried it and I loved it! The spicy level was just right and I think was perfectly buffered by the bread and the coleslaw so the burn wasn't that painful. I can definitely have this again and I certainly would as it was reallly yummy. I love the crunchy fried chicken and how tender the meat was inside.

mimi and bros 1
Feeling extra brave and bold, we also went to try Mimi's Fiery Fried Chicken Quarter (Php. 325). Served with a generous portion of seasoned rice and your choice of sides. We had this with Kimchi Coleslaw as if we don't have a lot of spiciness going on already. It was a good choice though as we both loved the tangy-spicy combination and surprisingly, it helped cooled our flaming tastebuds down after trying the Fiery Fried Chicken Quarter which was hot, hot, hot! I don't understand though how come this one was definitely more spicy vs the sandwich when I think they use the same sauce. Anyway, this is definitely not for the faint-hearted but if you can take the heat, I urge you to give it a try.

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If spicy food is really not your thing, then go try their signature Mimi's Fried Chicken - Half Portion (Php. 385 / Php. 485). This is the kind that kids and the young at heart will love. For as long as you love fried chicken then this is the one for you. My heart fluttered with glee as soon as I saw the huge platter which was laid down in front of me. Ohh lala! The serving was big and definitely one that you have to share with your dining companions. You have a choice of sidings and whatever you do, try the Surprice which is like your breakfast platter all in one. It's seasoned, fragrant rice with scrambled egg, nori and what I suspect are sesame seeds. I'm not sure but it seems like Chef E has added in some furekake too. Whatever it is, it was so good! We were so full so we had some leftovers and I insisted on bringing it home. Definitely not letting delicious food go to waste.

Okay, enough about the rice and back to the chicken. The cuts are big and I love how the flavor of the chicken go beyond the skin. That's one thing that I do not like is when the flavor just stays in the skin and for people like me who removes the skin then I would end up eating tasteless, dry chicken. Sadness right? This version by Mimi & Bros is flavorful through and through. In fact, we also ended up bringing half of our platter home (what is takaw tingin?) and I made my twins tried it and they loved it! L even opted to just have one piece of fried chicken breast for her lunch instead of her bowl of congee. Clearly, my little girl sure knows how to eat. Haha!

mimi and bros 6
If you're the type who do not have the time or the patience to de-bone your chicken, then go for the Chicken Fingers with Molten Cheese Dip (Php. 290) which is P's favorite dish. He eats this every single time he's at Mimi & Bros and I'd say that would pretty much be weekly. This tastes exactly like the Fried Chicken only it's served in bite-sized pieces. It comes together with a small container of cheese which P said makes this truly awesome. I will make sure to try this next time.

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A few months back, they actually offered Fried Chicken with cheese sauce and it had a really good turnout. While it's not on the menu, do not be shy to ask for this as they can definitely serve this for you. Secret menu has been revealed!

What a delicious dinner and I love how Paul and I got to unwind and spend some quality time with one another. Life has just been so busy the past few years that it really takes more effort to take time out to enjoy each other's company. We're truly thankful for our amazing Yaya M as well as our parents who offered to step in and watch our twins just for us to enjoy our dinner out. Truly, it takes the entire village to raise a child or in our case, our lovely twins.

Check out Mimi & Bros at the Ground Floor, Crossroads Building, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. It's in the same complex as Starbucks Coffee with Drive-Thru, Yellow Cab and Recovery Food. Parking is abundant and available within and beside the complex. Call them at 826-7737.

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