Say it with Pizza by Greenwich Pizza Hawaiian Overload

"Dear xxx, You'll always have the biggest PIZZA my heart."
"To my one and only, I PEPPERON-ly have eyes on you."
"My love, you had me at PIZZA."

greenwich valentines 2
Sounds cheesy? Well, you are allowed to be as cheesy as you want this Valentines Day (all the way up to this weekend) and surprise your special someone with a box of pizza too! That's what I did as Paul and I opted to stay home with our twins on this special day. 

greenwich valentines 5
One thing that we have in common is that we both love Hawaiian Pizza. Yup, for us, pineapples on our pizza are yummy and we love them. This was one thing that I remember asking Paul on one of our early dates and when he told me that he loves Hawaiian too.. I knew.. I found the one. Haha! 

greenwich valentines 1
Anyway, get the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Duo for only P399 and it will come with a specially designed pizza box sleeve where you can write your cheesiest love note down. No need to look for a special gift tag anymore which is one thing that I'm always fussing about every time I have to give an impromptu gift. 

Our Greenwich Pizza surprise also came with a bottle of Conversation Starters. Not that we really need any help in "starting our conversation" as we can talk for hours and hours whenever we're together, but it would be fun to ask each other these questions too! This reminds me so much of Paul's story of when he first called me. He was so nervous that he literally listed down some question in an index card (yes, hello circa early 2000s!). Thankfully, I'm the talkative kind else he was so worried that he'd run out of question in no time. Well, this one could be a good tip to all shy, quiet guys out there. Have some questions on hand to get the ball rolling and who knows, that first phone call can lead to the next and even more! 

Valentines Day may have passed but we should always make an effort to make each day something worth celebrating and expressing our love to one another. 

greenwich valentines 3
The Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Delicious Duo 399 with limited edition pizza sleeves is available until February 17, 2019. Visit your favorite Greenwich pizzeria or call “#” then 5-55-55 for nationwide delivery. Delivery is also made easier! Just text G to 0919-88-55555 (Smart) or 0905-88-55555 (Globe) and expect Greenwich to call you for your orders.

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