Celebrating 20 years with Seaking PH (Superb Catch Inc.)

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

This was the quote that inspired the Uy siblings to strive and to pursue their dream of building their company, Superb Catch Inc., 20 years ago. As I was listening to the speech of their president, Ms. Jennifer Uy Ampon, I suddenly got teary-eyed as flashes of memories of how me and my sister Pan started our own little business when we were still both in university.

Not known to many, our mom had a mild stroke TWICE as in two weeks in a row and with the doctor giving her strict orders of going easy at work and Papa was on semi-retirement already then, we knew we had to do something in order for our parents to not worry about our family's finances. After all, they've worked so hard to give me and my sister a comfortable life and most of all, the best education possible; so we knew that we had to be proactive in at least covering for our weekly school allowances and whatever miscellaneous expenses that might come while Mommy was in road to recovery. That was how ::MiXed uP:: was born. ::MiXed uP:: was a little online fashion retail shop that we put up with the help of our super nice and supportive creative friends. We sold items such as bags, accessories and belts... pretty much everything and anything that we can market, we sold. The brand grew allowing us to cover our allowances till I graduated from university and got a full time job. While our mini business lasted for about 2 years, it was indeed the best experience for us as we learned to deal with our cash flow, talking to suppliers, dealing with buyers and more. What we both enjoyed were the random late night meetings that we held inside our shared bedroom where we would count the inventory or brainstorm for more products to bring in. This was why I got to emotional listening to the story of the Uy siblings as it hits so close to home. Either that, or I was just so hormonal that day as I was crying on off during the event. Anyway...

seaking ph 2
Despite that little dramarama of mine, it was such a joyous occasion for this family business that began with their father's bangus fishpond as the Uy siblings would personally deboned the fish and market these to sellers the next day. From a small home-based business to a huge corporation with a 20,000 sqm processing plant in 2020, Superb Catch Inc the company behind the famous seafood brand -- SeaKing, has reached fish lovers all over the world such as in Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, USA and more.

seaking ph 1
I have recently shared my recipe on their newest product, the Wild Alaskan Keta Salmon and apart from this, they have a wide range of fresh frozen seafood products such as calamari strips, squid bits, bangus in various flavors and cuts and cream dory. They also have bottled bangus line which I am so excited to try! From flavors such as Bicol Express to Adobong Bangus, these are indeed lifesavers for people like me who barely have any time to do proper meal preparation but I still refuse to feed my family fastfood everyday so I am so thankful for SeaKing for cutting my cooking time into half or even less.

seaking ph 5
During the anniversary party, we got to try several dishes prepared during the Wild Alaskan Keta Salmon which are available in 4 cuts -- Chunks, Belly, Steak and my personal favorite -- Slab. The chefs of Shangri-la Makati have prepared a couple of delicious dishes using 3 out of 4 of the different cuts such as the Salmon Skewer, the Grilled Salmon Steak with Lemon Garlic Sauce and the Baked Salmon with Beurre Blanc to highlight the versatility of these products and boy, were they all yummy! My favorite was the Salmon Skewer as it was so tender and it was different as compared to the other two which was creamy and rich.

seaking ph 6
It was such a fun event and it was also a perfect way to signal the start of the holiday merry-making as they gave out a lot..and I really mean, a LOT of awesome prizes. Luck wasn't on my side though that I wasn't the lucky winner of that iPhone 11 or the Samsung phone which I was wishing I'd get since Paul's Huawei died on him a month ago *sniffle* but I guess it just means one thing... Hunnie, it's time to buy a new phone. haha!

seaking ph 7
The program ended with SeaKing's Operations Manager (and our new friend), Mr Philip Tan giving a toast to the Uy siblings and to more years for Superb Catch Inc. Again, uncontrollable waterworks happened as I listened to Philip's speech. I'm such a crybaby!

seaking ph 8
With all the brands available in the market, what matters a lot to me is to patronize a brand that has genuine love for their products and most importantly, their people. Seeing all the smiling faces that day, you can tell that the team behind SeaKing are proud to be part of the company's success. After all, money and fame are temporary but if you are a brand with a heart, then that definitely go a long long way. Cheers to the Uy siblings and to everyone who's part of this amazing company and brand.

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