VLOG: My Evening Skin Care Routine with Secret Nature

Before anything else, let's get some things straight -- I'm not a beauty blogger/vlogger and boy, do I have so much respect and admiration for all of them after creating this 6 minute video. *salute*

Listening to my raspy voice while editing the video made me cringe BIG TIME and I actually contemplated multiple times whether or not to publicize this video for everyone to see but well, I've been sharing a good part of my life with you all for the past 12 years so I hope you'll all forgive me (or at least my voice haha). No judgements, right?

evening skin care secret nature ph
Anyway, the reason why I thought of creating this video is because I recently tried this new skin care brand called Secret Nature which I purchased via Lazada and I'm loving the effect it has on my skin. Secondly, I do value having a good skin care routine as I believe that genetics can only go as far as if you also give your skin the TLC that it deserves.

Just a brief background, for many years I've been using a specific brand for my moisturizer and I never really have been putting on toner on to my face after cleansing. However, I had to stop using that brand when I got pregnant and eventually put my nightly routine on hold because... I got really lazy. As I turned 37 this year, I realized that I have to do something if I really want to have nice, soft and glowing skin like my Ama or my Mom. I realized that they don't use heavy makeup and they take their skin care routine very seriously. Case in point, my Ama, even while battling cancer and was in great pain from it would ask us to buy her tried-and-tested moisturizer which she has been using for years..decades even. My mom also never goes to bed without moisturizing her face. So, if I want to just be like them, then I have to get my skin care act together.

secret nature ph 1
Also, I have been putting makeup more often now than I ever have before. It's because I go to more events now, I meet more people for work and well, I have recently discovered how fun it is to put on make-up as it's also a form of creativity so while I am still on a high about my newly purchased eye liner which works so so so well (message me if you wanna know where I go it), I also know that I have to do a more thorough cleaning of my face every night as one tip that I learned from both my mom and my Ama is -- never go to bed with make up on. No matter how dead tired you are, remove all chemicals and make-up to allow your skin to breathe through the night. So, being the closet geek that I am, I started researching on the best toner and moisturizer in the market. Then my friend J told me to try her newest brand called Secret Nature and since I love J super super much, I headed straight to her Lazada shop a day before 11.11 and did my beauty shopping. Surprise surprise! :)

I got the Green Tea Toner and the Green Tea Emulsion which came as a bundle if I'm not mistaken. One thing that I noticed is how reasonably priced her products are. The Green Tea Toner is Php. 790 and the same goes for the Green Tea Emulsion which is priced at Php. 790 too. Together, I got them both for only Php. 1,264. Such a great deal noh? I remember how my old moisturizer would cost an arm and a leg that I even have to think twice, thrice before buying an extra bottle. Well, I guess whatever works for you and your skin. I have combination type of skin which means that my T-zone has the tendency to get oily while my cheeks are dry. So, research shows that an emulsion has a lighter consistency if you compare this to your normal cream but it's thicker than a serum. Also it's perfect for oily skin because it's water-based. Amazing, huh? Told you, I can really be a nerd when it comes to buying products that I have to apply on any part of my body, or when I have to take it in orally or anything that concerns Paul or my babies. Being a mom, I seriously have learned to read the labels and I have become more careful of the products that I patronize. This is also why I've been using mineral makeup every since I started applying make up because it doesn't clog my pores as badly as other make-up products would.

secret nature ph 2
Secret Nature is a Korean brand that uses ingredients from farms in Jeju Island. It makes use of natural ingredients so you're assured of the top notch effects and benefits it can bring to your skin.

Anyway, I'll stop writing now and I'll share with you my 6 minute vlog showing how I prepare my face for bed every night. Enjoy and hope you can subscribe to my channel too *nax!*

Check out Secret Nature PH over at Lazada or on Instagram

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