Mo-Mo Paradise Taipei : Japanese Hot Pot Buffet

For our first night in Taipei, Paul and I set a meet up with our friends Floyd and Nicey and their cutie son Matteo who coincidentally were also having a vacation in Taiwan. They're one of our closest friends in Singapore and M is actually just a few months older than the twins. Such an amazing long distance friendship these little toddlers have! I hope that we'll get to see them more often as they grow up.

Anyway, it was super sweet of the de Santoses to travel all the way to Luzhou to meet up with us. If I'm not mistaken, they're staying somewhere in the city so we truly appreciated that they went totally out of their way to have dinner with us. By the way, my friend Floyd is an amazing vlogger so do check out his YouTube site and please subscribe and follow him too. He vlogs about his extensive rubber shoes collection, tech and their family trips too. Sadly, he wasn't vlogging yet when we had our Taipei meet up so no surprise appearance from the twins in his vlog yet. Floyd, this just means we have to meet up again soon!

momo paradise 1
Since we're not all sure where to eat in the area, we decided to just check out St Ignatius Plaza which is the name of the mall within the same building as our hotel. We found Mo-Mo Paradise and got so curious to try their Japanese Hotpot Buffet. The price was pretty reasonable regardless if you convert this to Peso (for us) or SGD (for them) haha! Also, we're all feeling hungry already so unlimited fill of soup, drinks and sides sounds really good.

There are two rates for their buffet : 1 kind of stock (NT$ 529) or 2 kinds of stock (NT$ 579). We all agreed to get two kinds of stock in order to have more variety and since our little toddlers will be eating too. We went for the famous Sukiyaki and the class Pork Stock soup broths.

momo paradise 3
The buffet is inclusive of an unlimited fill of 6 types of meats types -- beef, pork and chicken, rice and noodles as well as vegetables. You can also access the drinks bar and you get dessert too. All that for less than Php. 1,000 if converted to peso. That's a great deal, huh?

momo paradise 5
So we just allowed the server to fill our table with trays of meat and the boys just took charge of dumping them into the broth. I love the vegetable basket which had 25 different kinds of veggies from the green leafy ones, to sweet corn, taro and mushrooms. So so so good!

pinoy friends in taipei
It was raining during that evening when we had our dinner so enjoying bowls of delicious hot pot is just perfect. J slept through most of dinner time but L was up and also enjoyed the soup while playing and laughing with her Uncle Floyd.

momo paradise 4
I enoyed the Drinks Station too. In fact, this is the first time for me to see such an extensive drinks selection. Normally, buffets would focus greatly on the food and there would be 4-5 drinks available including iced tea, coffee, iced flavored water and two types of juice. Here you get to choose from hot to cold drinks! There's soda, juices, Calpis, tea, coffee and sorbet. Amazing! We went back with my family and Papa was so happy. Well, I was too!

Yes, you read that right. On our last day, we decided to take the family to try Mo-Mo Paradise out. We loved it so much that I felt that I just had to dine there one more time or else I'll be daydreaming about it for years till I get to go back to Taipei again. They all enjoyed the delicious meats, the fresh veggies and the flavorful soup broth. This time, J was up and hungry and together with his twin sister L and cousin A, they all joined us in enjoying the unlimited hotpot buffet. One thing that I also love is how the restaurant is equipped with baby chairs making it so family-friendly. This is also one thing that I noticed with most restaurants in Taipei, how they have kiddie chairs, plates and utensils for their little guests.

Sharing with you the menu for your reference below:

mo-mo paradise taiwan

While we had a very short trip where Paul and I were not really able to go around and do much eating, I'm glad that despite that, we managed to discover Mo-Mo Paradise which was indeed a very good Taipei food find.

Visit Mo-Mo Paradise at St Ignatius Plaza, 247, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Luzhou District, Zhongshan 1st Road, 8號5F. See the full listing of stores here as they have branches all over Taiwan and in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Cambodia and in the USA to name a few. 

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