Taiwan 7-11 Food Finds : Must-Buy and Must-Try

Yesterday, I shared about our hotel during our trip to Taiwan back in 2018. It was at Park City Hotel in the Luzhou district which was strategically located on top of the St. Ignatius MRT station and has a 7-11 shop right at the ground floor.

taiwan milktea
I have this habit of stocking up with snacks on the first day of my trip. It's this habit that I've had since I was a kid. You see, my parents would always make it a point to look for the nearest grocery to our hotel whenever we travel and they would buy bottles of mineral water, bread and banana. Aside from that, they will allow Pan and I to choose a bag of snack each. I would always go for the most unique looking bag that's only locally available that way I get to try something really new. Thus, Paul knows that I just have to make a trip to the grocery to at least to the convenience store to by my snacks.

taiwan snacks 2
Here's what I found on my first visit to the 7-11 store in Taiwan. I found bottles of these famous milk tea that my friends in Singapore just love to bring back. Apparently, they have close to a dozen of flavors! Earl Grey was the most popular but there's also Extra Ceylon, Rose Honey, Coffee Latte and more. I love seeing all these colorful bottles all lined up in the chiller.

taiwan snacks 1
Paul spotted this giant Yakult-like bottle and so he just had to give it a try. Meanwhile, I also found my #1 favorite gummy candy in this 7-11 shop. I remember trying this when my friend D bought this back to Singapore and since then I would always ask my MIL to buy some for me. Of course, my ever supportive MIL won't just buy 1 or 2 packs but she would give me 20 bags of candies to enjoy. Haha! I love you Mommy! This gummy candy comes in yakult, strawberry and mixed berries flavor. My favorite is still the strawberry one.

For our chips, Paul got the Lay's in Roasted Shrimp flavor while I tried this bag of potato chips in Hainanese Chicken flavor. I clearly miss the Lion City, don't I? Paul's bag of chips tasted really good. I love the smokey-sweet flavor of the potato chips. Mine wasn't as good as I could hardly detect any "Hainanese Chicken" flavor. In fact, I wasn't quite sure what flavor I was supposed to look for. Anyway, that's the beauty about trying various snack while you're on a trip. You'll get to love some and well some would taste blah.

It was a very simple haul as we just spent 4 days in Taipei and half of the time we were just so busy taking care of the twins. I can't wait to go back next time and check out the grocery instead. Hopefully, we'll have more food finds there.

How about you? What are your favorite Taiwanese food finds?

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