Learning from Home with Charts Unlimited

I'm not going to lie. Being on quarantine and working from home has really caused a lot of anxiety and worry especially during the first week that it was implemented. A lot of questions ran in my head, a lot of uncertainties and fears came out. However, as humans, we are created to adapt to our environment. Temporary or not, we cope with what's happening around us and we find ways wherever we can.

For a while back, I was worried how our home routine will be. My kids no longer can go to Kindermusik and we've been looking forward to enrolling them in pre-school this summer which probably will be pushed back till then. That really should be the least of our worries as what we have to prioritize and pray for is that the number of cases will start to drop and no one should fall sick anymore. Enough COVID19...enough!

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I'm thankful though that the entire family is home to help take care of the twins. Of course there's Paul, Yaya M and even my parents. We take turns in teaching them the alphabet, numbers, singing their favorite rhymes and reading their favorite storybooks. The twins are at this stage where they can easily copy whatever is being taught to them. Their vocabulary has been increasing on a daily basis and they can memorize songs and actions now.

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One of the things that we love to use when teaching the twins are these two picture card charts that we got from Charts Unlimited last year. One has the full set of alphabet with pictures for easier identification and another one has shapes. It's so cute listening to J say "triangle" while creating a mini triangle with his fingers. L would always get the card with the picture frame and say "mama!" while giving it to me. Well thank you my Dear L for thinking that that blonde lady in the photo is me haha.

The Alphabet chart is their favorite! At present, they can identify every alphabet and object there making me such a proud mom! The chart are made using a thick cloth material making it easy to clean, to store and to hang up. Unlike the normal paper charts which curls up, gets crumbled or worst, easily gets torn, you are assured that you don't have to deal with any paper tearing accident as far as the pocket charts are concerned. I'll tell you more about the flash cards in a bit.

These charts have clear plastic pockets allowing me to create my own flash cards and to slot them into these pockets with ease. It's very economical and practical since we all know that we always have to change things up regularly so as these little tots won't get bored. I have yet to create our new flashcards perhaps with numbers this time. One advice though is to laminate the cards especially if you're teaching toddlers as they just loveeeee the sound of paper being torn into tiny tiny pieces (RIP to our V for Violin card).

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Check out their Instagram to see all the charts available. It's also priced reasonably making it affordable for all moms who are in need of these materials to teacher their toddlers at home. 

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