#FrannyCooks : Corned Beef & Potato Croquettes

8 years ago, I made my first ever croquette. In fact, the last time I ever did croquette was 2 years ago. Remember my Sardines Croquette? This is because as easy as it may seem, it actually entails a lot of step and I never really got around to doing it again. Furthermore, I don't really like deep-frying because the thought of cleaning a very greasy pan is enough to discourage me from even entertaining that thought.

However, I never thought my culinary creativity will be put to the test the moment I became a Mom...well a Mom of a picky eater. You all know that my little princess L can be quite picky with her food and one thing that she doesn't like is to eat the same dish repeatedly... so, we always have to make sure that we have a new dish every meal so as to entice her to eat. *sigh* I tell you, my twins are like night and day. As picky as L can be, my little J is so easy to please. Just give him rice, add some sauce or soup and small cubes of meat and he's good. He can have rice or pasta or even both. Well, I guess, that's how balance my life is. I just can't win them all.

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Given that I have a lot more time on my hands during the weekend since we're experiencing the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) or what we normally just call the "lockdown", I decided to take a look at our lockdown grocery stash and see what can I make out of it. I saw a can of corned beef, two medium sized potatoes and bags of flour and breadcrumbs too! Of course, I also have a tray-ful of eggs as we just eat eggs almost every day.

That said, I decided to do croquettes again. I realized that my twins love anything crunchy so I hope my bag of Japanese breadcrumbs will do the trick.

Here's the recipe for Corned Beef & Potato Croquette:

What you'll need:
- 2 medium-sized potatoes
- Fresh Milk
- 2 tbsp butter
- 1 can of corned beef
- onions
- 2 eggs
- 2 cups of Japanese breadcrumbs
- 2 cups of flour
- Spices to taste (pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, etc)

Make it in 8 steps: 
1) Boil the potatoes until soft and peel
2) Mash the potatoes and add butter and milk, mix and continue to mash until soft and creamy
3) In a separate pan, saute onions and add in the corned beef. Once cooked, set aside.
4) Let your potato and corned beef cool and mix together in a large bowl.
frannycooks 3
5) Prepare the batter:
- Bowl #1 : Mix garlic powder and pepper with the flour
- Bowl #2 : Beat the eggs
- Bowl #3: Pour in the breadcrumbs
6) Shape the potato and corned beef mixture into bite-sized balls. Roll it into the batter following this process : Flour - Egg - Breadcrumbs
7) Deep-fry until golden brown. Be sure not to overcook.
8) Enjoy and serve with your choice of dip.

The verdict? The twins loved it! I was so happy as despite having to go through all these steps, it made it all worth it seeing the entire family enjoying the crunchy Corned Beef & Potato Croquettes. One thing that I love about this recipe too is that all the ingredients are easy to get and it won't cost you much. It's also one of the best things to make given this period where access to fancy ingredients or the grocery is not that easy to attain.

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