Franny Mommy Finds : Belo Baby Wipes with Zoeily DIY Cookies

Ever since the start of the quarantine, Paul and I have been finding ways on how to keep our twins busy. Of course keeping them busy is easy but we want to do it the right way and that is to allow them to also develop a new skill or to learn something new. Since they can't go to pre-school yet because of the current situation, we took it upon ourselves to be the first teachers of our kids in hopes that somehow, we are prepping them to be ready for formal schooling when the pandemic ends and it's safe for everyone to go out again.

I'm usually super busy with work during the weekday so I rely on Paul and my mom to help teach the twins while I deal with calls and my daily workload. However, I try my best to make it up to them during the weekend by giving them my full, undivided attention. On one of the those weekends, I received a package from Zoeily Cookies and I was so excited! They sent us a ready DIY cookie kit and I know this will get the twins super excited.

belo baby wipes 1
Before we went ahead and did our little baking session, I got the table ready with all the ingredients and I had a pack of wet wipes on standby. I knew 101% that we will make a lot of mess and I don't want the twins wiping their oily hands on the table, on our cabinets or in places I won't be able to spot. Definitely not taking chances to lure creepy crawlers into the house.

Here's a short video of us trying our hands in making these colorful DIY cookies:

I love how the wet wipes were fragrance-free and was just the right size. I honestly have issues with wipes that are too small because you'll end up having to use more and that won't make it practical nor ecologically-friendly. Also, it's free of any chemicals so even it makes it okay for me to also wipe their mouth or faces with it. Of course, hand washing is still the best but I made sure to wipe their hands with the Belo Baby Wipes before they went to the washroom or they'll stain our doorknob with oil and candy sprinkles.

zoeily 2
The Zoeily cookies were really fun to do! Taste-wise, it's your regular butter cookies so it's safe for kids to enjoy but I can't wait to try more and perhaps I can add more toppings or flavor to it. It's a good way to let your kids be creative and to learn a new craft too.

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