Twin Beans Kitchen : Breads and Frozen Meats

It's been 6 months since the first news about the virus has been released. Since then, we have been staying home to lessen any exposure and to keep everyone safe. Given that the entire metro has been in quarantine since March this year, I'd say that I've also have discovered a number of delicious food finds along the way. This is because we no longer go out to buy bread or to do our groceries in fear that staying out for long will bring more harm than convenience or good to us. Luckily, technology has been helping us have easy access to food and basically all the essential goods that we may need. We're also seeing the rise of online money transfers and payments nowadays. Indeed, going cashless is the way to go now and to just do things with just a few taps here and there.

One of my favorite discoveries was Twin Beans Kitchen which was created by my dear twin mommy, D. D and I have been mommy buddies since our twins were barely a month old and it's funny how we always are in sync most of the time. For instance, without even knowing, she named her business Twin Beans Kitchen while I have set-up an online shop named Twin Bears. Cute coincidence, don't you think? :)

twin beans 3
Anyway, it was one evening when my Mom came to me panicking that we're running low in our bread supply and given that we're such a bread eating family, my Dad will surely not like it if he finds out one morning that we're out of bread. D came to the rescue! We quickly placed an order for 3 loaves of Plain Loaf (Php. 40) and I added in a pack of the famous Ube Cheesedesal (Php. 100) to try as well.

The bread came a few days after and it got the seal of approval from my parents. Mind you, it's not that easy to get them to approve of any other bread except from their staple Japanese and Korean branded bread which they've been super loyal customers of for decades. I was so happy that they liked D's bread which was so soft and yummy.

twin beans 4
However, I like flavored breads more so the Ube Cheesedesal was my top pick. I got to admit that I haven't tried a lot of Ube Cheese Pandesals but I really like Twin Beans' version a lot. The bread remains so soft inside, the cheese gives a mild salty kick and there didn't scrimp on the ube halaya at the center. It tasted just like a pandesal with the right amount of filling.

I have also tried their Egg Pie (Php. 20/Php. 170) which I loveeeee. Eating Egg Pies remind me of my beautiful Ama who loves this very much. It brings back so much good childhood memories of summer breaks spent with my grandparents and all we did was to eat, eat and eat. Notice also how reasonably priced all Twin Beans products are. If they ask you what can you get with a P20 bill, and you can finally say "a slice of Egg Pie, of course!"

twin beans 2
Aside from bread, they also have meat products that's so easy to just heat up or cook. I first tried D's Bistek Tagalog and I fell so in love with it. Imagine one 150g pack is just P90 and this is good for 2-3 pax already. I love how well seasoned it was and all you really have to do is to heat it in a pan and add some onion rings on top. It's so delicious that it's a crime not to have it with rice...and more rice.

They also have the Pork Sisig (Php. 50) which Paul said was very good. That means a lot for someone who hails from the land of sisig a.k.a. Pampanga. I also love how flavorful was and it wasn't loaded with any mushy intestines or fat. Unfortunately, they're always out of sisig so I've been patiently waiting for them to refill and I made a mental note to buy more.

twin beans kitchen menu
They have a lot more products such as sausages and steak which I've also tried and were very good. I love how Twin Beans Kitchen has made home cooking so easy and quick. I'm obviously a fan and a loyal customer of Twins Beans Kitchen and not just because D is my good friend but it's because they offer very good, top quality products at such reasonable price. In this period where we have to be more frugal as the future still feels very uncertain, I love the fact that I'm not splurging unnecessarily in order to serve good food to my family.

Check out Twin Beans Kitchen on Facebook and on Instagram. Contact them at 0917-148 4228 to order. 

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