Milky Dust Donuts : Best Homemade Donuts in Town

Despite how fussy and meticulous I can be with food, there are some food items that I prefer it to be simple. Take donuts for instance, give me a tray of assorted flavored donuts and more often than not, I'd go for the one that's just glazed in honey or sugar, one that has just chocolate frosting on top and definitely not one that's stuffed with heavy cream. In other words, I like my donuts simple and classy.

milky dust donuts 1
That's how I would describe Milky Dust Donuts. It's nothing fancy. No artificial coloring, no fancy icing. All you get are big round donut balls that's stuffed in 4 types of filling -- vanilla, chocolate, mocha or ube and cheese. It's dusted with powdered sugar and kept in microwaveable tubs that can help you keep it for a couple of days in room temp or longer when chilled. From the moment that I laid my eyes on my friend Twinkle's Milky Dust Donuts on social media, I wasted no time and quickly placed my order. I wasn't sure what got into me but I suddenly have this intense craving for donuts. 

As soon as it arrived, I took very quick camera shots (thus the lack of loading this entry with photos) and I took one chubby piece of donut ball and took my first bite. For all F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans out there this was my exact reaction:


Indeed, it was OH MY GOD! It was delicious and the chocolate filling was heavenly. I can't help but clapped with excitement. I felt like I just strucked a gold mine and this is one discovery I'm cherishing forever. Another thing that I like about it is how each donut was hand-crafted and was made with so much love and passion. The dough stayed really soft even after leaving it out for days and the filling would ooze out in every bite. I also like warming up my day/s old donuts to bring it back to "life". haha!

milky dust donuts 2

To date, there are 4 flavors to choose from: Vanilla Milk, Classic Chocolate, Ube Cheese and Dark Mocha. My favorites are the Classic Chocolate and Dark Mocha. Both are so delicious, a bit too sinful yet definitely daydream worthy. One tub is worth P200. If you can't decide which flavor to get, why not get the Assorted Tub for only P250.

Milky Dust Donuts is a very new food business and I'm so glad it exists now. I can't to see what other flavors they'll later come out with but for now, I'm enjoying my extra tub of Classic Chocolate which Paul and I have been slowly savoring for days.

Check out Milky Dust Donuts on Facebook and on Instagram. Simply leave them a private message to place an order. 

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