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Woah! I can't believe it's November and in 8 full weeks, we're bidding 2020 goodbye. Are you excited for that? If 2021 means having a better and fresh beginning that's free of sickness and calamities then I'm so ready to bid 2020 goodbye. 

I had a very relaxing weekend that I think I just kept on napping whenever I can. In fact, I intend to spend my weekends that way. 101% of my time focused on my family and catching up on sleep whenever I can. My kids are growing up so fast and I just want to savor every moment with them. See, a few weeks ago, they celebrated their 3rd birthday. Can you believe it? It just feels like yesterday that I delivered them and Paul and I were still trying to learn the ropes on how to take care of newborn twins. Today, they're very opinionated toddlers who are not afraid to speak their mind and they can really make choices too. Anyway, more on the twins' birthday party as I can't wait to share how it went with you too. 

For now, let me talk about one of my favorite food vendors this quarantine period -- 205 Kitchen. The crew behind 205 Kitchen started their business last year selling Smoked Lechon Belly, Steak, Ham and Smoked Pulled Pork to name a few. Later on, they've added in more items to their line-up such as their best selling Wagyu Beef Brisket, marinated pork barbecue, assorted sausages, Honeycured Bacon and more. 

205 kitchen 2
One of my favorites is the Pork BBQ which sells for P300 for 10 sticks and it's so easy to cook! Just fire up the grill and cook this to perfection. No need for any additional basting sauce but if you really must, they also have their barbecue sauce available for sale too. I've been ordering this for months now and has been sharing the cooked version with family for my birthday and recently the twins' birthday too. 

205 kitchen 8
I also love their Honeycured Bacon. Readers of this blog know that I was never a fan of bacon and it takes a really delicious and good quality type of bacon to impress me. I got to admit, it took me a while to use this pack of Honeycured Bacon from 205 Kitchen but finally with a fresh batch of enoki mushrooms and asparagus, I created bacon-wrapped enoki and asparagus one evening and even without much seasoning, this one turned out to be really yummy. We pan-fried it, but I think having it grilled would make it even better as it will be less oily. 

Apart from their frozen meat, I love 205 Kitchen's Baked items. From their Dynamite Sushi Bake to their Smoked Nachos, I just love how 205 Kitchen has managed to elevate what is seemingly a common dish into something more premium and special with the use of top quality ingredients. The serving is also very generous so it surely gives you a lot of bang for your buck. 

205 kitchen 3
Allow me to talk a bit more about the Nachos. I am a fan of nachos and I thought I've tried them all. Not until I tried 205 Kitchen's Smoked Nachos which has Smoked USDA Minced Angus Beef with 3 types of cheese, jalapeños and their signature salsa. It's so good and addicting that normally one sampler tray can easily be consumed in one sitting. Imagine that from the usual ground beef, they decided to give it a nice smokey flavor and how this complemented the milk cheese sauce that covers it. So good! 

They have recently also launched their very own Kare Kare and Cajun Shrimp Boil which are the two things next on my list. I love Kare Kare and I have a bottle of 205 Kitchen's bagoong here at home and it's one of the best that I've tried. It has a nice sweet kick perfectly complementing your dish instead of letting the strong aroma and flavor overpower your senses. If their Kare Kare is the kind that goes well with their delicious bagoong, then I can just imagine how much I'll enjoy this one too. 

Regardless if you're throwing a mini celebration at home or you just want to enjoy a good meal, 205 Kitchen is definitely one that you have to keep in your bookmark to make ordering a breeze. Look like I'll be placing another order as writing this entry is making me crave for their Smoked Nachos and Barbecue! 

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