Unboxing with Franny : My BeautyMNL 11.11 Shopping Haul

As the clock struck 12, Paul quickly went to me and reminded me to check my phone. I knew what he meant so with several swift but careful motions, I tapped, I scrolled and YES! I've checked out. Today is 11.11 and it's the best day to go online shopping! 

Beauty MNL is also having one of the biggest sale across all their product categories. They have products for skin care, cosmetics, home, mom and kids, nail and hair care and more! I had so much fun shopping and I couldn't wait till today to shop so I went ahead and did my early shopping a couple of days ago. 

beauty mnl youtube
Ordering was a breeze as the website was very functional and easy to navigate around. I love how they have added in a lot of description and photos to help me decide which ones to get. After making my transaction, I immediately got an email and within a day or two, my package has arrived. How fast was that?! 

Since I rarely put on make up this year since I've been staying home since March, I decided to focus more on updating my skin care regimen since I want to maintain having youthful, soft and smooth skin just like my Mommy and Ama. I think their secret to their youthful glow was really to avoid putting on too much chemicals on your faces and they swear by investing in a good moisturizer. They also love eating fruits and drinking lots of water which I believe can keep your skin really soft and supple. So, that's the goal! To reach my senior years with beautiful skin. 

beauty mnl items
Whenever I shop, regardless if this is in physical stores or online, I always have my family in mind. I love how BeautyMNL is literally a one-stop shop with all kinds of products. They also have nutritious snacks and pantry essentials for the entire family. So apart from my own skin care shopping finds, I also made sure to buy some food items too. 

Check out the full video below to watch my BeautyMNL 11.11 shopping haul: 

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