EATaewon Seoul Food Experience

 Annyeong! It's been a while since my last blog post and boy this year is zooming by oh so fast! 

So, how has everyone been? 

As for me, I've been extra busy with work as I recently took on a new role that's equally exciting and challenging but really, I love theAsiaparent and I love my team and I am so excited to grow with everyone this year. On the domestic side, Yaya M has left us (again and for good this time) and we wish her luck in finding her one true love. 

Meanwhile, my twins have started pre-school this year so Paul and I have also took on our new roles as Teacher Mommy and Teacher Daddy. I'm still sad that my twins will most likely not experience nursery life such as meeting new friends, being part of school programs, gaining independence and more. Pre-school life was so much fun for me and it breaks my heart knowing that by the time the pandemic is over, they might have to enter big school already. *sigh* I'm glad that we enrolled them in Kindermusik early on though. Some how that gave them a year of social interaction with classmates and getting into the routine of joining a class and listening to teacher. I'd say, that was probably one of the best decisions we've made so far because no one really thought that we'd be lock up at home for more than a year and counting. 

Now, let's talk about food. The past year has been different, a bit difficult but one thing that I am thankful for was to have that privilege to discover really good food home businesses. I would often tell friends that the pandemic has turned me into this big online food shopper. I remembered the 1st day of the lock down and my brother-in-law E and I has already ordered ourselves a big tub of kimchi, trays of eggs and we were on a constant look out for bread, veggies and meat. From the basic necessities, I got to stumble upon sellers offering baked goodies, cooked meals and even yummy drinks. What makes it even more exciting is that we get to support our local businesses and enjoy our meals at home. What a win win situation, right? 

eataewon 4
One of our discoveries turned favorites is EATaewon that sells Korean dishes and snacks. This is super perfect to satisfy our Korean food cravings to go with our Kdrama marathons. From kimbap, to kimchi soup, Eataewon has one of the widest menu offerings and I'm glad to say that even after trying almost of the menu, I liked them all! I also got to hand it to them for having one of the nicest packaging and the wittiest on-brand/on-strat ideas too. The names of the dishes are puns to most of the Kdramas and their social media pages are filled with really pretty graphics too. 

Here are some of my favorites from EATaewon

eataewon 3
Kimbap : I've lost count of the number of times I've ordered this. From impromptu cravings to sending it out to friends on special occassions, I love getting the Sky Kimbap (Php. 400) which gives you a choice to get 2 flavors in one tray. I always go for the You are my Bulgogi which has their signature marinated bulgogi beef and veggies as well as the Legend of the Deep Orange Claw which has crabmeat, spam, mixed veggies and egg. If you ask me, this is the best surf n turf kimbap platter. 

eataewon 7
Hyun Buns with ♥ : I never knew about these Korean Garlic Cheese Buns until I came across the ones from Lola Ester's my family loved so much. While that was the classic-styled buns with a generous amount of cheese and garlic, EATeawon's version would probably be it's sassy and sexy sibling who never fails to turn heads and make hearts beat faster than usual. It's topped with sweet meat (beef, pork or combination) and filled with a really flavorful mix of garlic and cream cheese. It's named after everyone's favorite oppa Hyun Bin of the famous Crash Landing on You kdrama that got everyone swooning at the start of the quarantine period. This is a meal on it's own and I highly recommend for you all to give it a try. 
eataewon 2

One thing that I think EATaewon champions in is their beef. It's consistently so tender and delicious. Not too salty nor sweet nor is it filled with too much fat. That said another favorite of ours is their Galbi Jjim Rice toppings (Php. 350). I couldn't believe this but this is such a great deal! You get one big plate of rice topped with delicious Korean beef stew that's so tender in every bite. It's also complete with a mix of veggies and kimchi to complete the meal too. My twins love this and on days when I'd be running late in preparing their meal, I'd just order this Galbi Jjim Rice Platter for them to share. Minus the raw veggies and kimchi, they'd manage to finish the entire plate till the very last grain of rice and slice of beef. 

Apart from all these dishes, you also have to try the Legend of the Kimchi-Sundubu Jjigae (Php. 450) which is a comforting soup made with kimchi and tofu. What I love about it is it's MSG-free (I hope I'm right) and it's not salty too. The worst thing is when you get awfully thirsty after drinking soup and you know that they just had way too much salt or MSG in your soup. This was never the case with EATaewon's soup and this is why I always order this. 

eataewon 1
If you can take the heat, try the Tteokbokki was Pretty (Php. 350). I have to warn you, this is very spicy but it's so good so you'll find it such a struggle to stop after a bite. We love biting into the rice cake that's simmered in spicy sauce and cooked with fish cake and egg. Yummy! 

There you go! My top picks from EATaewon. I always order via their Instagram page but they actually have a Viber group or two physical stores in SM Megamall and Robinsons Manila

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