Manoy Roast: Delicious Chicken and Frozen Meals

I've mentioned that Yaya M has left us already and if there's one big challenge that majority of the households are currently facing is the lack of good, reliable help. When a helper leaves, it's harder now to hire a new one simply because you have to take all the precautionary measures before she actually starts work and that means having to do the recommended 2 weeks quarantine, swab test and all the checks. The worst thing is after going through all that, you then realize that the helper falls short of your expectations or worst, she would come up with whatever excuse to leave right away *sigh*. We are lucky though that despite the countless number of undesirable ones who have given all the excuses in lies in the books, we have found good reliable ones who are truly blessings in our household. 

I remembered when Yaya M first left us and we had R with us here at home. We would help out to make the workload lighter for her. For instance, we would take care of cooking to allow her to have time to do laundry and so on. We've also invested on more small appliances which we feel can help make cleaning, cooking, maintaining the house easier. One thing also is to stock up on frozen dishes that can cut so much time in food preparation. We discovered Manoy's which is known for their roast chicken and recently, they've also started selling frozen dishes such as Chicken Afritada, Sisig, Bicol Express, Laing and more. 

manoy 3
To be honest, I was so surprised that when I discovered Manoy's. it's a fast growing chain of rotisserie stalls normally found in supermarkets and wet markets. In fact, they have more than 60 stalls nationwide and still growing. Manoy's started by selling Roast Chicken and Pork. This is also one thing that I wanted to try as my kids just love roast chicken. The chicken is more on the smaller size so for our family of 6, we got 2 bags of whole roast chicken to enjoy. 

They have two flavors to choose from -- Espesyal (Tamarind-infused) or Paborito (lemon and pepper). I played safe and went with the Paborito Roast Chicken (Php. 200). The chicken was so yummy! I love how the juice stayed in the meat and the flavor was indeed present in every bite. The meat was also very tender and it was a good decision to order two whole chicken as everyone just wanted to go for seconds (or thirds)! 

manoy 1
As for the frozen meals, we had Kare Kare, Pinangat na Laing, Pork Sisig and the Bistek Tagalog. Each pack is good for a family of 3-4. I love how the packaging was so clean making it easy to store in the freezer and to reheat once we're ready to consume it. It also came with proper reheating instructions and best before date. All of these dishes were already pre-cooked so all we needed to do was to reheat it. It's made with fresh ingredients and has no preservatives too thus making it safe for kids to enjoy. 

Among the four, my favorite was definitely the Kare Kare. Okay, fine maybe I was biased as I just love Kare Kare but then again, as much as I love this dish, I can also be quite critical about it too since I've tried quite a lot of Kare Kares all over town. I love how Manoy's version had a good balance of beef and tripe. You can really taste the strong peanut-y taste and it comes with a pack of bagoong too. 

manoy 2
I also love the Pinangat na Laing too. You can really see the quality of ingredients used. The pork, taro leaves and even the chili is evident in this dish. It's so good! It has just the right amount of heat and the flavor was indeed spot on. Be sure to have this with rice...lots of rice. 

Paul loved the Pork Sisig and believe me, not all sisigs passes his tastebuds with flying colors. He love how the chopped meat still has that crisp texture and it was very tasty. Manyaman as this Capampangan would like to say. :) 

Lastly, the Bistek Tagalog was also a delight. We love our Bistek Tagalog with lots of raw onions on top and so after reheating this dish, we added our raw onions and enjoyed it very much. This is the beauty of enjoying frozen dishes, you are also allowed to add and customize depending on your taste. What makes it amazing is you save time from having to cook the dish from scratch as it's readily prepared for you to enjoy. 

Now, the best part is, Manoy's rangest from 250-300 only. That's a steal given it's good for 3-4 pax and it saves you time and effort from having to worry about the next family meal. I highly recommend that you keep a steady stash of frozen dishes in your freezer and order their roast chicken to go with it too. 

Check out Manoy's Roast on Instagram and through their official website

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