Taste of Royalty : Caviar Pie by Kamikalu

From the name itself -- Caviar Pie -- immediately brings forth the feeling of being part of the higher social class where women and men would gather (pre-pandemic, of course) to socialize over expensive wine and cocktails and enjoy hors d'oeuvres served in small containers or on top of the daintiest crackers or crostinis. If we go back in time, it's giving me images of being one of the ladies of the Bridgerton families as they would be waiting in their sitting room and would lady-likely spread just the right amount of Caviar Pie on top a piece of crackers. Forgive me as I was obviously Netflix bingeing all year thus the multiple reference to some of Netflix' biggest shows. If you haven't watched Bridgerton, well then, I highly recommend for you to do so. 

kamikalu caviar 3
Okay, going back to Caviar Pie. This is probably one of my favorite snack to have. It's simple to make but what makes it special are the premium ingredients found inside. In fact, it's like the classier, very alta de ciudad cousin of an egg salad. It's made of chopped eggs, mayonnaise, onions, cream cheese, smoked salmon, sour cream and lastly, it's generous topped with a layer of lumpfish caviar. While it is easy to make, not all caviar pies have made the cut. For me, the best caviar pie should have equal amount of each of the ingredients mentioned. It should have a layer of onions that cuts the fishy flavor and smell of the caviar, the cream cheese-sour cream should be evenly distributed and the smoked salmon should also be present to give it more bite and texture. I've tried caviar pies before which had 80% cream cheese, 10% egg and 10% caviar. The rest of the ingredients were pretty much non-existent. This made the whole thing so rich an creamy that only a few spreads was enough to make you want to stop.

kamikalu caviar 2
I'd say, one of the best Caviar Pies that I've had was from Kamikalu. All of the ingredients were present and well distributed. It comes with a pack of Meiji crackers which J loves munching on and another pack of crostini. One order is good for 5-6 to share and makes for a great gift or to be included in your family gathering spread. 

One thing that I noticed is that Kamikalu's caviar was very fresh tasting and it didn't had any lansa smell or after taste at all. We've been having Kamikalu's Caviar Pie together with our big family celebrations such as the #AngTwins' birthday party and when Paul and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. I love the special touch of putting the names of the twins onto the container too. It surely made us so happy! 

kamikalu caviar 1
So how do you enjoy your Caviar Pie? Simple! Fill a spoon with all the layers of the pie and spread it on top of a piece of bread, crostini or cracker and enjoy! Pop open a bottle of bubbly to go with it too. 

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