Daily's Diet : Eating Right for a Healthy Me (with a Discount Code!)

Experts often say that the secret to losing weight is to remember the 80/20 rule. Well, okay, there are several variations to this -- 90/10, 75/25 and it goes on and on. However, it all points to the same principle -- losing weight is a mix of 80% diet and 20% exercise. I learned this the hard way and I am still learning about this now. No amount of slaving on the treadmill will ever be enough without a healthy and balanced diet. That doesn't say though that you shouldn't exercise. Exercise improves your blood circulation, it burns off all the unwanted fat and it makes you feel young and happy. We're all for eternal youth and happiness so yes, do not forget to exercise. 

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Okay, now we talk about DIET. This is something that has been quite a challenge especially for food bloggers and lovers like me who believes that the secret to happiness is to eat like there's no tomorrow. Okay, that's an exaggeration but a quick browse through my social feed will tell you that I have been indulging more often than I should. Then, came the opportunity to try Daily's Diet -- a subscribed meal plan that measures, prepares and delivers your meal every single day from Monday to Friday. This is perfect for those who do not want to be bothered to cook their meals everyday. You get your full day meals delivered to your doorstep the night before or early in the morning depending on the schedule that you choose. 

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We have a reliable cook at home and I love cooking myself so why subscribe to this, right? For one thing, I want to start my healthy lifestyle right. I want to know how a 1200 kcal meal should really be for instance and how possible is it to still make a healthy dish taste good. After all, Daily's Diet means serious business in making sure you get a tasty, nutritious and a well-balanced meal that fits your health condition and lifestyle. It's being backed by a group of culinary and nutrition experts with decades of experience so you're assured that they know the proper way to diet very well. 

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Two days before I started my week-long diet with Daily's Diet, I prepped my body by taking in more cold-pressed juice and I ate more veggies. I also cut down on my rice intake too. Of course, I wanted to do this right and to be able to measure if the whole week of diet will be successful so I weighed myself prior to starting the diet too. Gosh! I gained so much since I stopped breastfeeding and that was more than 18 months ago. No excuses this time, I need to get back in shape. 

Day 1 

Upon receiving the package the night before, I quickly took out all the contents from the paper bag and discarded the bag. I was still very careful about making sure that I keep whatever deliveries sanitized for safety reasons. One thing that I noticed is how well-packed everything was. I also liked the fact that a small piece of menu was insert in the bag as well. I stuck this to the fridge to guide me along. 

dailys diet 14
My first ever dish was the Summer Fruits and Cream Crepe for breakfast. The menu also has a guide on what to do like if I have to eat it chilled or to heat it in the microwave. For this one, it says I have to eat it chilled and so I did as told. I was never a fan of cream so I wasn't sure if I'll like this. I had an early morning Monday meeting that day with a client so I brought the container up with me and let it thaw as I went on with my meeting. After my meeting was over, I took my first bite. WOW! It was good! I love how refreshing it was. The crepe was filled with a mix of tropical fruits like pineapple, grapes and if I'm not mistaken, peaches or mango. I tried a bit of cream and I loved it too! I loved it so much that I generously spread half of the content onto my crepe. It has this nice cinnamon flavor which I love. Okay, first dish was a success and I am happy with Daily's Diet already. 

For lunch, I had Pork Sinigang with Brown Rice. I got to admit that after several back to back calls, I wasn't able to eat my morning snack so I ended up feeling so hungry for lunch. So hungry that I forgot to take a photo of my meal. Oopsie! Anyway, it was good! I miss having brown rice and I enjoyed the pork sinigang too. Again, not a fan of sinigang but this one was pretty good. Even Paul and Mommy said so as they tried the soup out of curiosity. 

dailys diet 15
For my afternoon snack, I had the Baked Mojos with Truffle Aioli. One thing that I noticed about Daily's Diet is how they make the sauce incredibly delicious that it honestly does not feel like it's diet food. I had two pieces of mojos and with lots of truffle aioli left, my mom got the container from me and happily had the sauce with crackers for her own snack haha! 

Dinner was Singaporean Chicken Rendang with Cucumber over Brown Rice. Oh how I miss Singaporean food so this one was a welcome treat! I noticed that the serving of the rice was much less than what I normally would have so I realized that that's what I've been doing wrong all these years. A serving of brown rice in each meal pack is approximately 3-4 spoonful only. PM snack was supposed to be a piece of apple which I turned into my dessert instead. 

I know that I failed to follow the schedule intended for each meal and this is probably why I felt intense hunger later that night. I could barely sleep as my body was probably getting use to the amount of food that I consumed that day. I kept on tossing and turning that night but I can't ignore my grumbling tummy. Eventually, I fell asleep and woke up so excited to eat the next day. 

Day 2

Oh wow! It seems like Daily's Diet knew that I would be waking up feeling hungry the next day. Normally, breakfast for me would be oatmeal, bread or cereals. I rarely get to eat rice in the morning and I only do when I'm out early or when I'm travelling around the country (you know, the famous silog breakfast). 

dailys diet 17
On my 2nd day with Daily's Diet, I started my morning with Japanese Katsu Curry over Brown Rice. I tell you, they really won my heart with their flavorful sauces. The curry was sooo good and I happily poured this over my rice. The katsu was also delicious. Looks like Day 2 was indeed off to a good start thanks to my delicious Japanese-themed breakfast. 

dailys diet 18
My twins had their e-class that day and I also had a lot of meetings lined up, in between my busy morning, I took a quick break to have some chocolates. Mind you, it's not just any ordinary chocolate but I indulged in a slice of Japanese Nama Chocolate. I can never imagine having something so decadent in a diet meal. Then again, chocolate is good for the heart so maybe that's why. 

dailys diet 1

Lunch was a bowl of Thai Chicken Crunch Salad which I enjoyed a lot. I initially thought, I'd get hungry since I wasn't having carbs for lunch but who would have thought that this filled me up and kept my energy high all afternoon. With this, I managed to power through more calls and catched up on my studies that day. 

They sent a piece of Banana for my PM snack which I happily shared with my twins. They love banana and since I wasn't feeling hungry yet, I gave it to them. 

dailys diet 2

We had dinner quite late that day as I had a Facebook Live to conduct for work. Dinner was Torched Aburi Beef Rice Bowl which was yums. I got to admit that the beef was so thin and small but by this time, I somehow got used to the serving size already. I'm happy to report that I didn't experience any pangs of hunger that evening. 

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Day 3 

We're halfway through the week and I have to say that Day 3 was my most favorite Diet Day of all. I scanned the menu and I liked everything that was written in it. I was so excited to start my day after seeing what was in store for me for breakfast. 

dailys diet 3
I had Burger Steak with Mushroom Pepper Gravy and Egg over Garlic Brown Rice. Oh, Daily's Diet is really spoiling me with all these rice meals for breakfast. I love the burger steak and the gravy! The patty was not dry at all and the gravy, as with any of their sauces was yummy! I was hoping though to have a more flavorful brown rice since it says "Garlic Brown Rice" but it tasted just like the ones in the past meal packs. I love the inclusion of the egg though and I never though that you can cook egg in advance, store in the fridge and microwave to heat it up. Indeed, I learned something new that day. 

My mid-day snack was the Mango Dream Cake which I found to be a tad too sweet for my liking. I think this was the only snack that I didn't like that week. I barely finished it as it was just way too sweet and creamy for me. That's okay though as I was really full from breakfast and so, I didn't mind not having a snack at all. 

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For lunch, I had Korean Soy Garlic Chicken Bibimbap Burrito. A brilliant creation! Again it had brown rice, Korean soy garlic chicken fillet and it's all wrapped in a mini tortilla wrapper. It was so good! The serving would be similar to a typical snack size burrito commercially but since I had a very heavy breakfast, my light lunch was just perfect. By now, I realized that I've been overeating way too much and I should diligently follow this type of serving size. 

It's been 2 days since my diet and I skipped dance class as I felt like I didn't had that much calories to burn more. However, I noticed that my t-shirt sleeves have gone slightly loose.. either I have lost weight or my clothes are being over-stretched during laundry. Even Yaya L told me that my face has became slightly smaller. Is it really working? I haven't weighed myself again since Day 0 so I wasn't sure then. 

dailys diet 5
Dinner was a small portion of Squid Ink Pasta which was amazing! This was probably one of my favorite dishes that week. I love squid ink pasta and it's comforting to know that I can still eat it even while on a diet. It's all about the meal portion and perhaps swapping out healthier ingredients vs the less healthy ones. 

I'm so ready for Day 4! 

Day 4

On this day, I had an interview for Lady Who Hustles which means I have to fix myself up and not to sport my usual quarantine look. It was a busy day once again as my twins had their e-class plus I had that interview plus back to back calls during midday. 

dailys diet 6
To start my busy Thursday, I had a bowl of Torched Chashu Ramen for breakfast. Preparing the ramen was a breeze and I love the refreshing soup broth. The noodles stayed springy (qiu qiu) which is a must for any bowl of ramen. It's interesting to note also that my breakfast normally is the heaviest meal of the day probably one that's needed to keep your energy high for the day ahead. 

dailys diet 7
Again, I forgot to eat my AM snack but I had lunch slightly early. I had Cheesy Shiitake Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Chicken over Brown Rice. Oh this one was g-o-o-d! It's not your ordinary chicken and mushroom stir-fry as it has this yummy sauce which I must say was so good over the brown rice. 

Since I missed my AM snack, I had my Buttered Macaroons after my video interview and it was good! One thing that I noticed is that they ensure that the food quality was not bland or dry and was instead very tasty that you won't feel sad eating diet food. 

dailys diet 8
For dinner, I had Pesto Shrimp Pizza and since I just had my PM snack a couple of hours prior to dinner time, I wasn't feeling that hungry that I just had 2 out of the 3 slices provided of the pizza. 

Day 5

I can't believe that my full week flew by that fast! Friday was also another busy day as this is when I have my weekly calls with the boss and fellow GMs so I normally take more time out to prepare for this. I also practice abstinence as my diet week happened during the Lenten Season and I'm glad that Daily's Diet willingly took note of this and made sure my meals on this day was meat-free. 

dailys diet 9
I started my day with Ube and Cheese Pancake. I tell you, I've been having yummy breakfast meals for 5 days in a row and I feel so happy about it! The Ube and Cheese Pancake remained so soft and yummy even after reheating it in the microwave. I know the menu says "eat chilled" but I really like eating warm food so I just had to heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds. This was so yummy! I will try to recreate this someday. 

For my AM snack, I had Shrimp Dumpling with Chili Garlic. Initially, I thought maybe the dumplings had pork in it as most dumplings do but this one was literally just minced shrimp and veggies inside. The taste was quite distinct but the chili garlic was good. 

dailys diet 10
I was excited for lunch. I love lasagna but I've never had it with seafood before. They sent me Shrimp Lasagna with Chef's Salad so it was indeed a full and complete meal. The lasagna was good, the sheets stayed "al dente" and the shrimp was indeed a wonderful addition. It has zero meat and I love the salad that came with it too. The portion was just right and by this time, I'm used to it already so no more doubts that it's too little to fill me up. I realized that it's all about letting your body get used to a particular amount of food intake that's just right for you. It's high time to put a stop to my "eating like there's no tomorrow" mentality. That gotta go out of the window soon. 

dailys diet 11
For my final Daily's Diet meal, I had Shrimp Gising Gising over Brown Rice. As you may have noticed, my last day was a shrimp-filled day and I'm definitely not complaining. I love shrimps and I'm so happy to have shrimps after shrimps after shrimps. The last meal was the best. I love anything with coconut milk and the shrimp gising gising was delicious! I wonder how they made this. I had to let Paul try it and he agreed that it was very tasty. 

There you have it! 5 whole days with Daily's Diet and I'm so happy I got to try it. Now, it was time to weigh myself again. After 5 days of 100% pure Daily's Diet, I was so surprised to find out that I lost 4kg. Holy cow! That's approximately 8 lbs and no amount of exercise would have made me lose that much. However, here are some things to note -- 

1) I was and still am incredibly overweight so there was indeed a lot needed to lose so 4kg was a good start but I gotta keep this up. 

2) I was eating way less than I normally do so this was probably how my body reacted to it. Also I've always been known to lose really fast..and to gain equally fast too so it's been a tiring vicious cycle that I intend to break. 

3) I've been hydrating like crazy the entire week. On times when I'd feel a bit of hunger, I'd start drinking lots of water. Hydrating is always good though, so always keep this in mind. 

4) I noticed that my meals always consists of carbs (brown rice, wholemeal carbs), protein, veggies and fruits. I've been eating more fibrous food which has been known to flush away more toxins and waste from your body. 

5) By saying I had no exercise, it does not mean that I just stayed sedentary all week. I have a pair of twins, after all so I would play with them, I'd go up and down the stairs to get more water, I would walk around in between calls and I would stand more while working. If I have my way though, I'd up my calorie intake slight more and go back to dancing. 

Eating has always been a happy activity for me. I eat when I'm happy and I'm glad I get to do so too. However, I've come to realized that I'm no longer getting any younger and I want to live longer for my twins. I love them so much that I want to be there for them for as long as God will allow me to. That said, I'm making a conscious effort to choose my food wisely, to stick to eating smaller portions, to count my calories and to exercise. This is also very apt given that we are still battling a pandemic and one thing we all have to do is to stay healthy. 

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I'm thankful to have done one full week with Daily's Diet as it gave me that jumpstart that I so badly needed. Now, the challenge is to sustain and to continue this healthier lifestyle from this point forward. 

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