#FrannyCooks : Your Local's Chili Crab Bun

It was a rainy evening and I have just completed one of the hardest course in my GM Bootcamp so I took a short break from studying and spent last night going through my blog files. Oh, there are just so many photos and stories that I have yet to tell and I hope that I'll be able to blog about them one by one soon. Let me start with one of my favorites last year. 

your local 1

Since the country went on lock down, I gotta give props to restaurants who were so quick on their feet and innovated their products to give foodies and their loyal patrons the chance to "dine out" within the safe confines of our own home. A few months ago, I received a brown box from Your Local and upon opening it I was so happy to see cleanly packaged ingredients that will help me recreate their signature Chili Crab Buns for me and my family to enjoy. 

Everything was prepared so well! The crabmeat in chili sauce, the mantou buns and the veggies. Looking at this, I was so excited to give it a try and see if I can make it as closest to the real thing. Well, how can I go wrong with 5 ingredients, right? 

Let's see! 

Tadah! I did it! I have created my very own Chili Crab Buns without breaking a sweat. It was simple. First, I cooked the chili crab filling, next I fried the buns but you have to be very careful with that as it burns easily. Lastly, you assemble your buns with your choice of greens such as cucumber, cilantro and leeks. 

It was so good and how I wish I had more! At present, Your Local has also introduced new party platters such as the Braised Beef Pasta, Glazed Pork Nasi Lemak and if you're like me who just loveesss the Chili Crab Buns, then you have to go for the Assorted Buns platter. These party platters are good for 3-4 pax so it's perfect to be sent to friends and family to celebrate a special occasion or just whenever you want to show that you're thinking of them. 

Check our Your Local on Instagram. Call them at 0917-7030729 to order.  

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