Misto at Seda Vertis North

Happy Friday! 

I'm not going to lie, Friday is one of my favorite days because it means, we're just a day away from the weekend! Who doesn't love the weekend, right? This is the day when I give my twins my uninterrupted attention. We would start the day with any breakfast of their choice (normally waffles for J, pancakes or peanut butter sandwich for L) followed by an hour of doing their homework and in the afternoon, we head out for their swim class! Sunday is more laid back as we would stay home and just laze around the house otherwise, we would go and visit my in laws and spend the day there. 

Speaking of the weekend, I suddenly remembered one of the best weekends that we've had this year so far. This was when we had our staycation at Seda Vertis North and the twins truly enjoyed every minute of it. Of course, they love our comfy and very spacious Corner Suite with an adjacent Deluxe Room as well as checking out the hotel's amenities and the Vertis North mall next door. Another thing that we all enjoyed about that staycation was the FOOD. This was our 3rd time to stay at Seda Hotel and really, you don't have to go out to eat as the dishes in all of their establishments are truly must-tries! 

sedamisto 10

Misto is the hotel's all-day cafe. You can find a Misto in all Seda Hotels all over the country if I'm not mistaken. It's their signature restaurant and the place where all hotel guests should dine in at least once for breakfast. For us though, once is NOT enough so we dined at Misto three times! First was upon check-in where we got to try their Flavors of Thailand buffet lunch, followed by their Breakfast Buffet the next morning and before we bid Seda Vertis North goodbye, we just had to try their Sunday Seafood Buffet. Therefore, this blog entry will showcase dishes from the 3 visits that we had during our stay. 

sedamisto 05

When I think of Thai food, I immediately would think of Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup and Curry. Majority would have shrimps or crabs and I was initially worried that there won't be anything for J to eat. As you know, my little boy is allergic to nuts and crustaceans. Luckily, there's nothing to be worried about as Misto would always ensure to include some of their signature dishes into the line up regardless of the theme. This means that in every meal, there will always be their Herb Roasted Chicken and Roast Beef, they will also have some grilled meats and seafood as well as their impressive display of freshly baked bread. When trying their bread, do ask for the laugen bread. It's this pretzel-looking dark roll that's soooo good. Have them warm it up for you and enjoy it with a thin spread of butter. The twins and I loved this so much together with the dinner rolls. 

This was also the first time that Paul and I went for a buffet since the start of the pandemic. Of course, we're very cautious about catching the virus and would really stay away from any form of possible exposure. What boosted our confidence while dining at Misto's buffet is seeing thick acrylic dividers across the food display counter. No one touches the serving utensils except for the chefs behind these partitions. All you have to do is to ask for the dish that you'd like to try and the chefs will carefully plate it for you. There are also bottles of hand sanitizers found all around the restaurant and they practice social distancing by not fully filling up the entire restaurant. I appreciate that a lot as this gives me more assurance that my kids are in a safe place. 

sedamisto 09

Of course, they have a sushi and salad station and this is where I always start my meal. I love that they change the salad offerings depending on the theme. So during the Seafood Sunday Buffet, they mostly had seafood-based salads which were all so good! They got ceviche, kani salad, seafood salad and a nice selection of sushi and sashimi. I was so happy as sushi/sashimi are truly my all-time fave. 

sedamisto 02

For breakfast, they have the usual breakfast fare such as a variety of local meats such as tocino, longganisa, dried fish to pair with some garlic rice and your choice of egg. I also love creamy, runny scrambled egg which they have available. My twins got their waffles and pancakes and since it was a special Sunday, they also got a bowl of assorted cereals too. Normally, we cut down on their sugar intake but just this once, they started their with a mix of Fruit Loops and Koko Krunch! They were so happy and a bit sugar high from their breakfast meal. 

sedamisto 07

As for us, we had to control our breakfast intake since we didn't want to be so full that we won't be able to enjoy our seafood lunch later that day. I just had a few pieces of laugen bread (believe me, I had this every single meal at Misto!), scrambled eggs, a few pieces of longganisa and fresh fruits. They also have very good coffee, so if you're a coffee lover like me, you shouldn't skip this. 

The breakfast crowd was quite busy but since the buffet line was spaced out across the restaurant, there was almost zero queueing time. The servers were so attentive which is another thing that I truly appreciate as it's not easy to have two toddlers in tow with varying demands and food preferences. Somehow, we didn't feel stressed out at all as they were quick to entertain our twins. Upon leading us to the table, our server immediately asked the twins what would they like to drink and so J asked for Pineapple Juice while L wanted some Orange Juice. I really love that they treated these little ones like grown up guests thus helping us attend to their needs too. 

Now, on to the lunch buffet that I was really so excited about -- the Sunday Seafood Buffet! I heard though that they changed up the schedule and themes a bit so make sure to call Seda Vertis North and ask about this before making a reservation or heading down to the restaurant. 

sedamisto 06

One of our favorite stations at Misto is their Grilling Station. In every meal, they always have a display of raw meat and seafood and you can ask the chef to grill these up for you or even prepare it depending on how you'd want it cooked. For us though, we love grilled meats and seafood so we went for the lobster, fresh shrimps, salmon and scallops. The best part is the sauce. I asked the Chef to give his recommendation and he gave me a saucer with garlic butter and another with spiced vinegar. Since seafood was the main highlight, they also have fresh lato (seaweeds) too which I asked them to put a lot of on our plate as Paul and I loves loves loves lato and pako (fern) a lot. We drizzled this with some spiced vinegar and ohh it's just so good! We enjoyed the grilled seafood so much that we went for seconds! More lobster and salmon please! 

sedamisto 04

They also had a good selection of warm dishes. I liked this Seafood Jambalaya which had a mild spicy kick to it. They also have a delicious selection of noodle soup too. Yes, before I forget -- check out their noodle soup and try the different soup stocks available. The Tom Yum Noodle Soup was superb! 

sedamisto 08

As for dessert, they have their Cake of the Day as well as a selection of fresh fruits and for the little ones, they have ice cream available too! Oh the twins loved the fruits and having their own ice cream cup. They both enjoyed their meal and somehow stayed seated most of the time thus allowing Paul and I to enjoy the buffet too. Thank you J and L! 

Our dining experience at Misto was definitely very good and I highly recommend for all Quezon City folks to check this restaurant out soon. They also have a function room that can comfortably seat 8 pax making it perfect for intimate parties or family dinners. Lastly, their buffet rate is around P1,800 per head making it one of the more affordable ones in the Metro. 

Check out Misto at Seda Vertis North, Vertis North, Sola cor Lux Drives, Quezon City. Call them at +63 (2) 77398888.

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