The Suite Life of the #AngTwins : Staycation at Seda Vertis North

Move aside Zack and Cody! There's a new pair of twins in town who just loveeeeee having hotel staycations. Meet the #AngTwins, J & L! 

seda vertis north 03

My two very opinionated twins who would bug us on a weekly basis if they can go to the hotel. They just love the comfy and spacious bed, being able to swim to their hearts content, lazing at the bath tub and acting like fishies while their Daddy feeds them some snacks and just enjoying the outside world after being stuck at home for two long years. 

Recently, we checked out Seda Vertis North as they have a new Staycation Package that's perfect for the family! This was not our first stay at Seda though, the twins have been to this hotel back in 2019 and that was probably the staycation that made them fall in love with hotels. At age 2 then, they swam, enjoyed the delicious buffet spread at Misto and gleefully checked out the Vertis North mall next door. We stayed at the Premier Room then, so we got access to their Club Lounge as well. 

They have grown so much since then and today, they really can remember everything that we've done! We stayed at the Corner Suite this time and we also got an adjacent Deluxe Room which became the kiddie room! The twins has been sleeping with Paul and I since Day 1 so we were not sure how ready they were to sleep on their own. 

As soon as we entered the room, they ran to the Deluxe Room and onto their respective beds with a Teddy Bear called Seddy Bear (so cute!) on top of each pillow. They quickly declared that that was their room and they told us to sleep at the other room instead. Oh my babies are growing up so fast! I think it was I who couldn't accept the fact that they are ready to sleep independently. Huhu! 

seda vertis north 05

Let's take a step back and look around the room. The first room that will greet you will be the living room. This is why I love staying in suites because I like having a separate living area from the bedroom. This is where we can leave our things and food items and not worry about messing up the bedroom. The living area was so spacious and it overlooks the Quezon City circle. It also has a small kitchen area with a refrigerator and microwave oven. It's rare to find a microwave oven in hotels! 

seda vertis north 01

The Seda team just made our stay extra memorable with all these Easter treats on our living room table. The twins zeroed in on the giant easter eggs but I told them to keep that and enjoy them at home. Aside from the Giant Easter Eggs, we also got pretty chocolate truffles in boxes too as well as fresh fruits which L was so happy about. 

seda vertis north 04

Now, here's the master's bedroom. So comfy right? I love the king sized bed and the over-all white/teal green motif. Did you know that green is a restful, relaxing color? This is why most designers would recommend to add touches of green in your bedroom to help you stay relaxed and comfortable. 

seda vertis north 02

Moving to the master's bathroom, they have a walk-in closet, a separate toilet and bath and a bath tub at the far end! The twins squealed as soon as they entered our bathroom and spotted the bath tub. J was ready to climb in. I love the walk-in closet with ample shelves and drawers. There's also a full ironing board in case your clothes end up wrinkly in your suitcase. The OC side of me was so happy with this nook as it means we don't have our overnight bags lying around the room and they're all neatly stored inside the walk-in closet. 

The bath area was also so spacious. Probably one of the biggest I've seen among the local hotels here. There's even a sitting area for you to sit or to dry your swimwear on. I just wish they have a laundry hanging line installed too. That's the only thing missing as I love the added details in every bathroom like a chair under the sink for you to sit on when drying your hair or fixing yourself up. All toilet also has a bidet which I'm so happy about. I think all hotels have this as a normal inclusion already. Do you still remember back in the day when I would blog about our staycations and only a handful of our local hotels would have bidets installed? :) 

The hotel has 3 F&B establishments but only 2 are operational at the moment -- Misto and Straight Up. We were able to have lunch and breakfast at Misto and dinner at Straight-Up and all were fabulous! I will definitely dedicate a blog post for each restaurant as our experience there was truly amazing. 

Of course, the highlight of every staycation especially during the summer season is the swimming pool. Given that we are still at alert level 1, the hotel requires hotel guests to make reservations prior to using the pool. Also, the pool is open from 8am to 5pm only. This is because they want to ensure that there will be ample attendants present to secure your safety. It was a very windy day thus it made the water quite chilly. Nonetheless, the twins didn't want to get out of the pool as they were so happy playing and even making new friends. It's unfortunate though that there was a construction happening next door thus blocking the potentially beautiful view from the pool. Beside the pool is the playground and an in-house spa which are closed for use at the moment. They have a Fitness Gym available for hotel guests too. 

I have to say that it was one of the most relaxing and happiest weekend that we've had in such a long time. It was refreshing to be out and to spend quality time with Paul and the twins. Ate L wasn't able to join us so it was really just the 4 of us. I really do treasure moments like this as I can see how happy the twins were. While we're out, we still feel safe in the hotel as we can see how strict they are with hygiene. All rooms have been sanitized, they have alcohol dispensers installed all over the place, there's a dedicated entrance and check-in area for quarantine travellers and they get to stay at a different floor. However, we were told that there were zero quarantine guests that weekend. Staff were all wearing masks and we can see them continuously cleaning and checking our rooms and common areas. 

Summer Staycation - Room loop

Now, here's the best part about Seda Vertis North's Staycation Package. Since the stay was super fun and relaxing, you will definitely want to extend it a bit and this can be possible as late check-out is allowed! We got to check-out at 2pm so the twins even had a bit more time enjoying the room after our Sunday Seafood lunch at Misto. We truly felt so rejuvenated after that weekend at Seda. 

Check out Seda Vertis North's Staycation Package by booking online here:

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