Chillin like a boss with Bebang Halo Halo

As we welcomed 2023 with close to unbelievably cool weather, the summer heat is truly here and it's making itself felt for sure. We've been hydrating ourselves round the clock and the thought of enjoying some icy cold desserts is one that we look forward to on a daily basis. 

When Paul told me about this new brand of halo halo that went viral on TikTok last year, we searched for it and discovered Bebang Halo Halo along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. Luckily, Mandaluyong is not that far away and one can just place their orders online anytime. Rumor has it that the waiting time in their restaurant can go for hours so it’s best to have your halo halo delivered straight to your doorstep while you go about your busy day.

bebang halo halo 07
We got 6 flavors and wow, I don’t even know which one to try first! Before I talk about each flavor in detail, one thing that we noticed with Bebang Halo Halo is that you get a thick slice of leche flan in every cup of halo halo. Unlike others where the leche flan is a small piece on top of the tall glass which we normally would consume on the first 2 scoops, with Bebang Halo Halo you get leche flan and all other ingredients in every spoonful. Talk about getting so much value for your money. This is not your traditional halo halo brand as they have a lot of creative mixes which we got to enjoy as well.

bebang halo halo 06
First was the Royal Halo Halo which, I would say, is the crème de la crème of all halo halo combinations out there. Not only is it loaded with all the ingredients one could possibly find in a halo halo, it’s topped with a layer of marshmallow fluff that’s covered with gold foil. Below it is more than a dozen ingredients such as — strawberry, blueberry, cashew, sago, panda jelly, leche flan and many many more! Mix the marshmallow fluff into the halo halo to make it extra creamy.

Next we tried the Banana Cinnamon which is a unique take of the traditional saba con hielo, I love the addition of cinnamon flavor and it has creamy banana, vanilla jelly, leche flan, rice crispies and caramel syrup on top. So good! This is perfect for those who wants it less sweet and wants their dessert simple.

bebang halo halo 02
We also tried the Mango Graham which is my personal favorite. I’m normally wary about having mangoes if it’s not in season but guess what, Bebang managed to still serve us really sweet mangoes! This one comes with pandan jelly, caramel syrup, fresh mangoes, graham powder and frozen milk. It’s similar to a mango float cake only enjoyed in a cup and possibly on the go.

bebang halo halo 04
The Halokay Ube would be the perfect choice for all purple yam (ube) fans out there. They surely were very generous with the amount of ube in this cup. You get ube halaya, corn, nata, banana cinnamon, nata, jackfruit (langka), macapuno, rice crisps and ube flavored milk. Ube(be) I love your way, everyday. 🎶

If you just want to go the traditional route then the Special Halo Halo would be your best bet. It’s Bebang’s no-nonsense halo halo flavor with all the good stuff such as leche flan, pandan jelly, sago, corn, nata de coco, banana cinnamon, ube halaya and rice crispies on top. Going simple doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your halo halo craving. This is still loaded with the good ol’ halo halo ingredients made extra creamy with Bebang’s signature frozen milk.

bebang halo halo 03

A little upgrade will give you the Presidential Halo Halo which has everything found in the Special Halo Halo plus macapuno and jackfruit (langka). For just P30 more, you get this upgrade making it such a good deal, right?

Speaking of deals, most of Bebang Halo Halo items does not beyond P168 except for the Royal Halo Halo that’s priced at P498 but it’s so big it can be shared by 2!

It’s so good to be able to discover a new halo halo brand and this is definitely one that really goes all out with the amount of ingredients found in each cup. It’s the kind that you’d gladly kick back, relax and enjoy after a long day.

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