Coke Zero

Admittedly, I am not really a fan of sodas as I would prefer a glass of iced cold clear water over the carbonated, sugar-loaded kind anyday. Perhaps it's just me but I do not like the overly sweet, caramelly after taste I usually get after finishing a glass of soda.

However, I've learned to appreciate Coke Light. The less-sweet variant of Coca Cola that promises less calories as well. I would normally get this if the quality of the drinking water deems questionable in a certain restaurant or place.

Then came Coke Zero. I've heard mixed reviews about this new drink before having the chance to try it out myself. Hard core soda afficionados would say its too bland and, in fact, a waste of money while others loved it and instantly has switched loyalty from drinking regular Coke to Coke Zero.

Luckily, I had my chance last week when we were at a conference in Antipolo. I'd say the best time to drink a cold glass of soda is when the weather is unreasonably warm even at night; when we've just spent the entire afternoon unpacking and setting up an entire room to make it look like our store and lastly, when all I want is to jump into the pool to cool down.

I filled up a tall iced glass with the soda and took a sip. I must say, I like it! It's not too sweet nor was it bland. I'd say its a beginner's coke, perfect for one who's not wild about overly sweet drinks but enjoys the frizz and cold comfort that a soda gives.

Giving this drink 4 twinkling stars!

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