What's your favorite time of the day?

photo taken in Saud Beach, February 2008

Mine would definitely be at around 530PM when the sun is about to set.

Around this time is when I finish up my work, clear my desk and call it a day.

It is also during this time that I am most relaxed. :)

How about you? What is your favorite time of the day?


  1. i love both sunrise and sunsets...:)

  2. Mine would have to be 5:30, din, but AM! That means I only have 30 minutes left on my shift and I can sleep na :D

  3. I love sunsets because of the colors, perfect for photography. Have fun on your Boracay trip sis! Nice pic of sunset sa Saud Beach, last time we went there, it was drizzling kaya wala akong pic ng sunset.. :(

  4. Mine would be every 6am (only applicable every 15th and 31st of the month...payroll credited to my account), 4pm (the usual "meeting time" of exec and sous chef LOL), and 2am (where every single idea creeps in for all three blogs *sigh* i wish they come in around 8pm at least). :)

  5. same! 5:30 pm... i get off from work, go home to rest... relax... :D


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