It's way past the Lenten season and still, fish and other types of seafoods continues to take a lead role in our dining table. However, this was not the scenario 10 years ago.

Although we were really more of a seafood loving family over being a carnivore since way back, there was a more frequent intake of what I'd call the best kid's meal ever: buttery beef steaks, crispy deep-fried chicken and juicy slabs of ribs. Believe me, as a kid I thought I was in food heaven.

This was until Mom had a mild stroke that shook us all up into the harsh reality that yes, fats and cholesterol CAN kill...or in Mom's case, can keep you confined for two weeks and under medication FOR LIFE. :(

Since then, we became more careful in what we eat. No more mayo, butter and deep frying. Steaks and ribs also took a back seat and was rarely seen in our freezer. Instead, we stocked up on veggies, fruits and seafoods.

You'd probably wonder how can I continue to love food with all these things to stay out from. It's easy: I learned to love what's GOOD. By this it means, reading the labels. Those tiny boxes at the back of your bag of chips can really give you the most shocking news about your food if you take a closer look.

Once in a while, INDULGE. The worst thing ever is to deprive yourself from that melt-in-your-mouth slice of chocolate cake that later on will just make you chow down on something twice more harmful. My sister and I would still share on a bag of potato chips once a month but making sure we'd just take a handful each time.

I also realized that I do not have to give up on my entire month's earnings just to eat healthy, good food. Surprisingly, there are a lot of yummy things out there that won't harm you.

Photobucket With that, I'd like to share with you my latest discovery: Bangus Sardines in Olive Oil by Kusina ni Maria (P110).

Kusina nino?

This was my first question when my mom instantly recognized the name printed on the bottle. Then I found out that Kusina ni Maria was a well-known Filipino restaurant back then and is currently a busy catering service now being operated by the owner's daughter.

Peeking into the bottle, I saw four meaty bangus sardines tightly packed with olive oil. Heating the sardines is a breeze. Just pour it in a platter, add some fresh garlic cloves and pop it into the microwave oven for 30 seconds.

I love the spicy, garlicy smell that greeted me as I brought the platter out of the oven. At this point, we were all ready to attack!

Even those who are on a no-carbs diet can still enjoy the Bangus Sardines because the fish is very tasty even when eaten alone. Although most would love to sprinkle some oil into their rice, either way would still give you an wonderful experience when eating this.

I still have 2 more bottles in stock and maybe next time, I'll have my bangus sardines with garlic pasta. Ü

To order you may call 8976639/0927-4541979 (look for Odette or Shella) or 0917-7937501 (look for Ding).

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