Project City Getaway: Tagaytay (1st of 3 parts)

I've mentioned quite often that Tagaytay has been and still is currently my family's favorite getaway. Its close proximity makes going there easy and its cool temperature has always been very inviting for us, city dwellers.

This will be my first major blog project, my goal is to share with you the beauty of Tagaytay and the reasons why we just adore the place. I will show you the different places and food stops that we frequent and hopefully, soon you'll also see why Tagaytay is a great city getaway.

How to get there?

Driving at an average speed of 60kmh, Tagaytay is estimately an hour away from Metro Manila. Our normal route is through the SLEX (South Luzon Expressway) where we would normally take a 15 minute break at any of the gas stations to grab our early morning coffee. Passing through the SLEX is a breeze as long as there's no major construction going on. We would turn right at the Sta. Rosa Exit where we'd see the Coca-Cola plant to our right. At the exit, turn right again and go straight. One landmark is Paseo de Sta. Rosa where you'll see Jollibee, Starbucks Coffee and some outlet stores as well. Still go straight until you reach the Tagaytay City marketplace. Drive a little more and upon reaching the a stoplight turn right. You have officially reached Tagaytay City -- WELCOME!

Where to stay?

A lot of people has made Tagaytay their default vacation destination especially during the Holy Week or the holidays. Thus, more and more hotels can now be seen in this tiny city. Below are some of my suggestions on where you can stay while in Tagaytay:

1) T House

Located along Calamba road (a main road) and beside a church, the T House is my definition of a place where I can literally get away from it all. Upon reaching the intersection, turn left and drive real slowly while keeping an eye at the left side of the road because there's only a small sign that will direct you to the T House. It's pretty small that during my first two visits, we missed the sign and had to take a U-Turn to go back.

Entering the T House will give you a Zen-ish sense of comfort. You'll be handed with a cold towel and yummy tarragon cold tea which is just perfect after an hour drive. Afterwards, you'll be escorted to your room which is located in any of the three clusters namely: Earth, Water and Fire. We were lucky to stay at the Earth cluster on both visit as I was told that the rooms in here are the biggest. I instantly fell in love with the ambiance as there are a lot of greens all around. No sign of mosquitos though but it would still be wise to pack a bottle of insect repellant with you.

Staying at the T House will definitely allow you to relax and take a quiet break from the daily stress that we normally would get here in the city. Perhaps take a massage or read a book while enjoying the scenery. Must also try its signature dinner set. For only P550 (inclusive of vat), you'll definitely be treated like a princess as you're served with your choice of soup, salad, main course and dessert. My first visit was made extra special when the manager personally rendered a birthday song for Paul. It truly made the celebrant very happy :)

As if the dinner treat wasn't enough, we got a knock on our door as we were about to sleep. It was one of the hotel's attendant holding a tray filled with a pot of warm tea and a plate of cookies. I guess it's their way of saying "good night." I'll always love T House for its personalized service and relaxing ambiance.

2) Hotel Kimberly

The newest kid in the block. Hotel Kimberly is located quite a distance from the long line of hotels along the main road. Still, it has managed to get a full occupancy during our first visit early this year. Driving down Amadeo Road, one will not miss the bright yellow building with an equally attractive blue signage that says "HOTEL KIMBERLY." This is a perfect hotel for families with children as it's complete with a pool, a fishing pond, a colorful playground and soon a mini driving range. We got the family room that's good for four adults and we were not disappointed at all. My dad enjoyed the view from the balcony while mom liked the big beds and the ample space left to still walk around. The service was great despite it being new.

One experience was during breakfast, my mom complained that there were no seafood dishes included in the buffet considering that it's the lent season. The restaurant manager immediately offered our family complimentary pancakes to compensate for this. We were pleased with the superb customer service that they have shown during our 3D/2N stay.

3) Days Hotel

Located along the Main Road and overlooking the scenic Taal Volcano, Days Hotel has been one of the first accomodation establishments in Tagaytay City. We stayed here on our first overnight trip almost a decade ago and back then, we noted that the place must have aged and cleanliness has been overlooked. I have no idea if they have improved at present but it still continues to be a choice hotel for those who'd love to have the view of the volcano.

There has been quite a number of establishment that is starting to shine in their own way in Tagaytay. There's the historic Taal Vista Lodge that caters to the high-end visitors of the city and The Boutique Bed and Breakfast, which i have yet to visit and is said to be perfect for couples wanting a romantic getaway.

Some things to keep in mind when in Tagaytay is to make sure the hotel has a good working heater because it can get chilly at night, also its location is vital because it can be such a hassle to live at the far end of the city and to drive or (worst!) to commute to the main road every single time.

Up next! Where to eat and what to do in Tagaytay Ü

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