Leave of Absence

I can't believe that it has been close to two weeks since my last entry. Sadly, my poor computer was hit by a mean virus that corrupted ALL of our valuable files and in the process ruined our hard disk as well. So, with a heavy heart, we had to bid all the photos, mp3s and documents, that were carefully stored in our computer for more than five years, good bye.

Our computer is finally up and running and here we are starting anew. Gone are the photos taken from my latest food trips that I've been meaning to share with all of you. *sigh*

On the brighter note though, I finally got my spanking new passport and visa (thanks to my hardworking travel agency)! Soon, I will be out for a trip to immerse myself in a country that will teach me a lot about my roots. Of course, food will definitely play a major part of the trip so watch out for my upcoming entries come May!

Till then,
Fran :)

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