A new found favorite at Red Mango

Just a month ago, I posted an entry announcing that Red Mango has finally landed. Since then, I would make it a point to grab a cup of yogurt everytime I find myself in Eastwood City. My favorite combination consists of regular yogurt with scoops of mangoes, kiwis and strawberries.

This has been my default order wherever I go....

...well, not anymore!! :)

Tonight, I wanted to try something new. So I took a couple of minutes staring at Red Mango's selection of toppings and finally gave the server my order:

A generous serving of regular yogurt with blueberries, crushed graham and almonds!

My colleague Dens took my lead and we were both happy and satisfied with our choice of toppings. This tastes very much like a slice of blueberry cheesecake minus the guilt and with less calories! Woohoo! What a great deal! :)


  1. I just tried the Red Mango outlet in Trinoma Mall. The quality was very high and the green tea yogurt was very delicious. I will for sure be back to try other offerings.


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